The Order: 1886 Is Probably Way More Violent Than You Thought

The Order: 1886 is Probably Way More Violent Than You Thought

This new trailer for The Order: 1886 shows some unexpectedly gib-tastic gunplay: exploding heads, arms blown off, a leg stripped away at the knee by a shotgun. There's a lot of ouch.

The Order: 1886 is Probably Way More Violent Than You Thought
The Order: 1886 is Probably Way More Violent Than You Thought
The Order: 1886 is Probably Way More Violent Than You Thought

I played the most recent build of it at the end of last year, and while some of the guns are thunderous, I don't remember the bad guys coming apart in quite the same way they do here. There's a rating at the bottom of the video that states this is mature, containing "Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language". It suggests we might be getting a much more violent game than previously expected.

This new trailer also sets the scene a bit more, with a potted rush through characters, motivations and action. Turns out Sir Galahad is quite the bad boy of immortal religious monster police. Who knew?

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    The moment I saw smoke coming out of the headless neckhole, i was like "I'm in".

    Thanks mate for writing this article. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets banned because you've now just painted a big target on this game.

    The setting and aesthetic of this game has me very interested, sure, it may just look to be another third person cover shooter as far as game play goes, but a game doesn't need to reinvent the wheel to be enjoyable.

    Last edited 23/01/15 10:44 am

      That is exactly my argument. Most games are the same mechanics hence a genre but this at least looks like it has a style and story that is not yet another Gears or COD clone. I am interested in the same way Wolfenstein the New Order was a breath of fresh air even though it was a 90's shooter.

    So will this get the R rating in Australia or be banned totally instead?

      I think as long as there's no sexualised violence or positive depiction of drug use it should be ok? Maybe??

      Already been passed by the board and rated R...for rad.

        For those who are playing at home and don't know the awesomeness of this comment...

        R for RAD... because it's being made by Ready At Dawn

        Last edited 23/01/15 2:29 pm

    Reminds me of the gibs in SOF!

      Damn, I miss that series. Many young teenage hours spent de-limbing guys while they take a piss.

    This looks like PS4's Ryse. And I mean that in a goodway because Ryse got way too much criticism and was actually a super fun game, and probably still the most graphically brilliant game out so far on the console.

      Ryse is on Pc and Xbone. Not on Ps4( incase you are not being a smartass). But you should see it running on my rig at 1080p 120. It only runs at 900p below 30 on xb1 because the machine is way too weak.

      Ryse is only on pc and xb1. Its running sht on xb1 though. You should see it on my rig at 1080p120.


    Things....Don't......Get.....Banned for violence anymore! Stop with the paranoia already people. Seriously, have you played Outlast and it's expansion? It pretty much proves that violence in the extreme is no longer an issue. The amount of messed up shit in that game is astounding. Try Evil Within or The Last of Us remastered as well.....Or even GTAV. Drug use, sexual violence, the works. ACB is oh so consistent eh?

    Sexual violence and incentives for drug use are the only two things to worry about. Not that any games should be getting banned since there's now an R rating, but The Order has already been rated R18+.

    In the end who the hell cares about the ACB and it's bans, anymore? Download banned stuff via US PSN/XBL using prepaid cards from and pay $50 instead of $100. But ya know, as with Hotline Miami 2, you can just pirate it with the support of the devs. If you can't due to a crappy connection then import the old fashioned way! Customs don't give a shit in reality. Been there, done that.


    Game looks great. Will be grabbing it fo suuure! Veeeeery appealing imo.

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