The Order: 1886 Looks Like Uncharted And Gears Of War Mashed Together

And that's a good thing. Ready At Dawn were the PSP developers back in the day. So when it was announced the team was working on a fully fledged console title I was instantly interested. The team had previously worked on rock solid ports and handheld versions of existing franchises. Surely this would be Ready At Dawn's chance to really throw themselves into something that was their own. The Order: 1886 became that project.

I'm keen. The more we see of The Order: 1886 the more I'm starting to see it as a successor to the kind of weighty, cinematic third-person shooting we saw in Gears of War. The team seems to have combined that was some of the cinematic wizardry of the Uncharted series.

It's about as 'video-gamey' as it gets and, in a sense, could be defined as playing it a little safe but the concept and the story feels quite ambitious. That's increasingly what draws me to this game: the actual universe and the aesthetic. Also, I kinda miss that powerful, weighty feel of Gears of War. I don't think another game has nailed it since.


    My jaw dropped.
    What a SOLID trailer! The voice acting gave me chills!

    Really? I think it looks wildly mediocre - everything done better before, with some really questionable design choices.

      You really gotta tell me which first person and third person shooter is ever different.

    The Order 1886 looks so boring and the letterboxed design choice is terrible for games.

    Also, I kinda miss that powerful, weighty feel of Gears of War. I don’t think another game has nailed it since.

    Gears was weird like that. They moved extremely quickly when they magnet snap to cover but at the same time you were heavy enough that you felt every step you took. Enemies would pop like balloons but they still felt solid enough that you really had to hack away at them.
    I haven't really followed 1886 but if you can convince me it has that right balance of precise, rapid controls and overall meatiness Gears had I'll buy it for sure.

    Looks good enough for me to purchase day one.

    I just hope they keep the QTEs to a minimum. That said, God of War had QTEs and is one of my favourite games.

      From the livestream, there seemed to be a lot of QTEs.

    If it is a really cool story and world then I am sold. Not enough games can make a fictional alt-real world universe with decent story. Probably why I loved Wolfenstein New Order so much.

    I actually got a little more excited after this trailer, and it's mainly due to the time period and Lycan. The game obviously looks good, but it depends on how solid the frame rate is also. Other concerns have already been mentioned - QTE's, boring gameplay etc. It's on my radar, but I'm not totally sure I'll get it day one - we really need to stop this pre-order and day-one shit, so we don't keep getting broken games.

    Looks like a mediocre shooter, looks like ps4s ryse (which was fun but forgetable). Ill buy it though because there's nothing else to play on my ps4 right now.

    My biggest gripe is that the game is single player. 2nd buggest gripe is the letterboxing so they have to render less. I'll still get it as my exclusivestation needs more games (currently has 2) but boooooo.

    Looks ok, but will definitely wait until reviews before making the drop.

    Looks pretty awesome to me. I'll be dropping some dimes on dis one fo sho.

    I dunno about Uncharted... my early viewings of footage had me pegging it as more of a Gears-meets-Resident Evil type thing. Or, and I know nobody probably played it... that steampunk/western title which flopped: Damnation.

      I'm with you... I don't see the Uncharted there.

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