The Re-Making Of Grim Fandango

Seriously, Grim Fandango is probably the most 'remakable' video game in history. All the elements are in place: cult classic, under appreciated, old enough for us to be nostalgic about. Also: it's a super good video game. For all these reasons and more Double Fine is in the process of remaking Grim Fandango. They're also making a documentary about making it. You can watch it here.

Part 3 of The Making of Grim Fandango Remastered was just released today and if you have any interest in the game or its remake, it's well worth watching.

In this episode the team records some new live music and commentary. The commentary is super exciting for me. I'd love to see more video games get commentary tracks since I'm a big fan of weird development stories and minutiae of the process.

Pretty hyped to replay this game now.

You can watch part one here and part two here.


    Yeah... but will they finish it?


        Oh ok, just waiting for Broken Age 2 then, as well as Space Base Df-9 to be finished in the meantime :P

        Pardon me for being skeptical when all Schaeffer seems to be able to deliver these days is clustfu*k after clusterfu*k.

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          Agreed with Were. Schaeffer reminds me of Lucas... He's been spoon fed how awesome he is for the last 2 decades and is now caught up in his own BS legend. The dude is now a joke and like a sport star who is past his prime, needs to retire gracefully. (and this is from a major Lucasarts fan).

          Broken Age was bad. Anyone that thinks otherwise is bad. It made Telltale games look challenging but at least Telltale have a decent narrative and the illusion of choice.

            I disagree. Maybe I really am bad, but I've never found TellTale's writing very good (though I did stop playing them around Sam and Max Season 3). It was all functional, but it never really had a spark. And they seem to have a policy of "never make the player stop and think". You can just click through their games, and they're incredibly dull.

            Tim's writing, on the other hand, always has something that feels a little bit special. A line or two that is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, an interesting character trait, whatever. Even when I don't like the game (i.e. pretty much everything after Psychonauts) I like the characters and general story lines.

            He certainly isn't some god of content dispensing pure gold from on high, though. Pretty much everything he's done has had reasonably major gameplay issues, and DF's productions often feel like they're on the brink of chaos, moreso than the usual tumultuous game dev lifecycle.

              To be fair, you stopped playing before they hit their stride. Sam and Max was pretty much at the beginning of their run. If you haven't played The Walking Dead season 1 & 2, Game of Thrones or Tales from the Borderlands, you're missing out on some fantastic stuff.

              But The Wolf Among Us, that's almost transcendent.

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                ^^ Once again I agree with Weresmurf (seems to happen often in these forums).

                Sam and Max were rubbish. And this is from a Sam and Max original fan. I couldn't actually stomach them long enough to finish them.

                While The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Borderlands and the Wolf Among Us have as much game play as Metal Gear 4, the stories and writing are absolutely awesome. I got my ex to play through the Walking Dead (she's not a gamer) and she called me up bawling her eyes out at the end of season 1.

                And Tim's writing was amazing (in its prime) but those days are long gone. To be honest I didn't even finish Broken Age part 1. I found it boring and linear as F**k.

                As Weresmurf said, you should check out Telltale's newer games. There is a reason TWD won game of the year 2 years ago.

                P.S : Got around to finishing Borderlands Tales Ep 1 last night (wasn't really that keen on it as the others) and I was surprised that out of all them, it seemed to be the highest quality + pretty damn entertaining.

          Broken Age Part 1 was good, and I don't mind waiting for the second part. Plenty of old school Lucas Arts charm. Not a clusterfuck in the slightest.

          ^As for this guy..... I'm bored of Telltale's faux choice games, and I much prefer the narrative of BA. Who's bad?

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          I think this game will come out, Sony will break some kneecaps if it doesn't.

          I have good news for you. The second half of Broken Age is complete, in alpha, and apparently getting close to beta status. Received a recent update about it.

          Welcome to the world of making computer games, where time-lines can extend into multiple time-dimensions. Where, if this game was being funded though a publisher, it would be prematurely released in a half-arsed state, and have one or two online updates queued up before you even start to play it.

          I'm happy with Broken Age so far. If it follows good game design, the second half will ramp up the complexity quite nicely. Of course, it may turn out to be a bomb, but to be properly balanced, you also have to half-expect it'll turn out awesome. Can't tell until the full game is released.

            Sarcasm aside, it would've also been nice if Schaeffer had of completed BA2 with the original funding + money gained from Broken Age rather than having to go back to the well and do another crowd funding to even get part 2 *done*.

            While I think Schaeffer ain't too bad at game design (I love me some Brutal Legend and Grim Fandango), the fact, and it's a fact, is that he *sucks* at handling money.

            They got 3.3 million total to develop Broken Age, plus income gained from other avenues, money other Developers would only *dream* of seeing, and he delayed the second part of the game for a *year* (It's not even a AAA+ level game of say, Arkham Knight stature ffs) even when taking into account expenditure from it:

            He went on to explain that after fees, the documentary, and rewards, only $2 million of the $3.4 million raised ended up going into Broken Age's development.

            Then there was the awful delays of a game that was promised way earlier.

            Schafer said, "Backers still have exclusive beta access before [launch on Steam], as promised in the Kickstarter," though the (half-complete) version is planned for open sale otherwise. "We could actually sell this early access version of the game to the public at large, and use that money to fund the remaining game development. The second part of the game would come in a free update a few months down the road, closer to April-May [2014]," the letter said.

            As for 'welcome to the game industry', well, welcome indeed. Usually your delays are 3, 6 months at most. Not an indefinite delay, going up to a year (or more in this case).

            Guess what happens to oft delayed games, people start to lose faith in the designers. Schaeffers finding himself being torched in the last year or so for it, rightly so. He may make nice games, but when he f*cks the camel this much, he should be burnt for it, not praised. John Romero found out what happens when you put your ego before your product, Schaeffer's finding out the hard way too.

      They'd bloody well better have finished it since it's out in two weeks!

    Still got the old disc copy at home but I will be damned if I'm not going to re-buy it just because... IT'S GRIM FANDANGO MAN!


      But the old cardboard sleeve has definitely seen better days. But that game is going with me to the grave.

    To bad it's the hacks at double fine doing it. Over budget, over schedule & under deliver is the Double Fine motto.

    I thought they were just remastering it? Are they actually remaking it now too?

    Edit: looks like it's still just remastered... As excited as I am for it, there's actually a big difference between a remake and a remaster (as seen by lots of idiots complaining at how old the game looked in the trailer a while ago). Stop spreading misinformation.

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      They've rebuilt a lot of the 3D models and redrawn textures, redone lighting etc. It's not a remake in that they haven't actually changed the underlying game, but I think it seems like more than a remaster as well.

    Sigh....some people just love to whinge, don't they? I DEMAND X SMALL GAMES COMPANY DELIVERS MY ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCT IMMEDIATELY.


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