The Video Game That Lets You Play As Kim Jong Un

Sure, there's been video games that let you shoot at invading North Korean armies, but where's my game that let's me play as Kim Jung Un trying to fight against the evils of American imperialism, taking down the US Naval Fleet with nothing but a machine gun and a narwhal?

Oh wait, here it is.

Glorious Leader is a 16-bit style video game that looks a lot like Metal Slug, but is actually a parody of the current North Korean regime. It's on Kickstarter and looks unlikely to make its $55,000 goal, which is a shame because it seems like a lot of (terrible, barely playable, opportunistic) fun.

It seems like the kind of game that sounds good in theory. You can use basketballs, a horse and the ghost of Kim Jung Il as power ups, which is great but the footage of the game itself doesn't look great. That's most likely why it isn't close to making its Kickstarter goal.

Still, I'd like to see it funded. I don't know why, I just would.


    Probably won't reach the funding goal because there's no mention of him peeing and pooping as a weapon. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Boogerman of course :)

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    If there's a golfing mini-game in this title involving Kim Jong-Un emulating his "proven" round scores, then I'm in.

    some of the pixel art is "borrowed" from a snes game called front mission: gun hazard
    not cool

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