This Has Convinced Me To Give The Last Of Us Multiplayer A Try

The Last of Us is a great video game. I think most of us will agree on that. But the multiplayer? If you're anything like me, you probably skipped on it. There are just too many games and most of us tend to play a few multiplayer games seriously and bugger the rest. This awesome video has me second guessing myself.

The broader story of this video is that it's an 'epic' comeback of sorts; one man defies the odds to outsmart a whole team of human opponents. That's all well and good, but what I find so compelling about this video is the layers of strategy at play and — overall — how fun this looks. It feels like a different kind of multiplayer experience — it has that different feeling that Splinter Cell multiplayer used to have, and the tension of crafting mid-match.

The end of the video is also perfect.

Anyone here a big fan of The Last of Us multiplayer? Does it have a good community? Is it actually worth getting into?


    I skipped it because I was playing with people in Spain.

      When you say 'playing with people' what exactly do you mean? And was that the purpose of your trip to Spain?

    Definitely worth giving a try, Mark, it's a lot of fun. Play smart, play sneaky, stick with your team. If you manage to get into a match with others using mics its an absolute blast.

    It immediately put me off when I realised that I needed to have Facebook friends that also played the game so I could populate my team. Is there no match making in this game?

      There is but the Facebook friends populate your non in game experience. Everything you collect is rated as supplies and goes towards your crew of survivors which are real people pulled from your Facebook friends. The game remains the same but it adds more incentive to win or to collect supplies when they go towards people you actually know. Unless of course it is someone you don't particularly care for.

    Now I wish I'd tried it.

    I wonder though, is it still fun if you aren't as good as this guy?

    The community has dropped away a lot - but it is still a great game when you get a good group....

    @selz - there is a bit of a learning curve but once you get going all good.

    I ended up playing a whole lot more of the multiplayer than I did the campaign. *puts on flame suit*
    I thought it was well put together and a good change to my regular FPS games.

      The campaign was absolutely epic. But so, too, was the multiplayer. Was so refreshing to play an MP game style which is more...... some say strategic, but it's not, it's not planned out at all! It's brutal, and its survival in it's purest form. You just grab what you can find and try to not die. Brilliant!

    I am hooked on TLOU multiplayer, so much fun!!!

    Why does the character make a quip for basically every action he does? That seems super annoying and would ruin stealth.

      It's not a quip, moreso just a 'mumbling to oneself'...... it is fitting in the context of the game and it's environment.

    Played it to death for months after the game came out on PS3. It's a lot better if you know the rest of your teammates, but it's still a great experience provided you have voice chat on and work together.

    The mode where each person only has a single life is the most satisfying (I think it's called Survivor) to play.

    I didnt really touch the multiplayer when I had the ps3 version but when the remaster released I played a huge amount. It is really well done and sadly overlooked.

    still play the ps3 mp, only problem is now finding ppl with the entire DLC maps is hard, so have to play none dlc map levels, which is okay but those xtra maps just never get played now

    Loved TLOU MP unfortunately didnt know anyone else who did so didn't play for long, have tried going back but get owned with no communication.

      not really, marking enemies, and playing lone wolf / flanking the other team does work extremely well, alot people dont realise that you dont have to engage the enemy to be affective, you can work as a distraction to allow your team to get the advantage, even when down your still potentially lethal / helpful try to box in your enemy by placing your self in there way, if they choose to execute you there locked into the animation sequence and can allow for any easy kill for your team, you can charge towards nail bombs either just making them explode or even better explode and take down the enemy

      will be a sad day when the MP pool dries up even more, really want a ps4 just for it since the mp is bigger scene on it than ps3 lol

    LOVE TLOU Multiplayer... Have a bunch of mates and all of us have mics, so it's fun!! we don't always win mind you haha.. But we still have a great time

    Agree with all the above comments, and those (few) who poo-poo'd TLOU's choice as Game of the Year should factor in the strength of both campaigns.

    I spent a good slab of time on MP to get the trophies. Anyone who's done the same probably has their own stories about stunning comebacks and brilliant strategy executed well.

    This was the overlooked star of TLOU IMHO.

    Not much of a multi-player gamer myself but I loved the multi-player in the last of us. Brutal, strategic, fun.

    I loved it, a far more rewarding experience than some other MP. Because you are playing to get supplies for your clan of real world friends(pulled from Facebook) it's a motivating factor. Plus crafting mid game becomes really important for defense and it is more about supplies than deaths which I liked.

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