This Is Every Superhero Movie In One Single Trailer

This is what a movie made of all the superhero movies would look like

Two main points to take from this super cool mash up of just about every superhero movie ever: firstly, there were a lot of superhero movies in 2014. A lot. Secondly Superhero movie trailers have become so generic that each movie is indistinguishable from the last, to the point where it's almost impossible to tell when one movie ends and another begins in this mash-up.

Regardless, there's a lot to love in this mash-up to end all mash-ups. For one, the editing is seamless and blends all the best trailer-like moments from 2014 biggest blockbusters. It's extremely fun to watch.


    super cool mash up of just about every superhero movie ever
    Comic movies, not superheroes (Sin City and 300 aren't superhero movies) and it's a mashup of all the comic movies from 2014, so not 'ever.'

      Serrels is in a particularly bad form these days. His post the other day about a new digital card game was ridden with inaccuracies as well.

      Hope all is well with him.

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