This Is The First 10,000 Holes In Desert Golfing

This Is The First 10,000 Holes In Desert Golfing

Desert Golfing might be the most intriguing game of 2014. In the weirdest, arguably banal way, it’s such a subversive experience and one that plays with all of our expectations about consequences in video games. At it’s centre, a seemingly never ending series of ‘holes’. No-one really knows how many holes are in the game, but here are the first 10,000, in order. It’s beautiful.

I think what this highlights more than anything is the fact that Desert Golfing isn’t a game about golf, or any sport for that matter. It’s a journey. Speeding through the holes so quickly in this linear line really emphasizes that fact.

And I was interested to read, in this interview, that Journey the video game was actually a huge inspiration for Desert Golfing. Watching this video, it all makes perfect sense.

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  • It seems, though that the actually designed content goes only until the minute 16. After, it seems to all be self-generated bland plains with very slight variations in height.

  • I’ve been through all of Desert Golf (through the color scheme once, and on “blindingly purple” at the moment), and the level design absolutely suffers after 10,000 or so.
    Granted I don’t know at what point (if any) the game becomes procedural, or how much content I feel should be designed by a person rather than an algorithm – but right now I’m more playing it out of habit than anything else.
    I’ve got so many shots on the board that my holes-to-shots ratio is arbitrary – it changes so incrementally that keeping track is pointless. I usually take between 2-3 shots to sink a ball and I daresay that’s the same for everyone whether they’ve played ten holes, or ten thousand.

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