This Saints Row Bundle Features A Lot Of Saints Row

If you're one of those few people who is all like, 'hey that Saints Row series looks quite cool, but I've never played it?' Boy, is this the sale for you.

For $4.99 you get Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and all 17 pieces of DLC content. Pretty ridiculous, especially given the fact that both games are genuinely worth playing.

The sale is over Bundle Stars. Go nuts. Apparently it''s part of what Bundlestarts are calling 'Bundle Fest X2' meaning there's gonna be more of these sales.


    If there was a PS4 version I might but GTA 5 on PC is just TOOO DAMN CLOSE!

      It's 4.99.... and there's a ps4 version of SR4 coming but it's like 15x the price...

        I know the XBOX One version is out today so I assume the PS4 version is. The price is higher but still relatively low compared to other PS4/XBOX One games.
        I'm considering picking this up even for a friend just so I can play through Saints Row 2 co-op with someone. You can say what you will about Saints Row as a franchise but they really took SR2 seriously on a mechanical level.

          I LOVE the saints row series, they're balls out fun. I don't compare them to the gta series, because they're an entirely different animal. They're fun, stupid, crazy and just outright insane at times. SR3 for me, was the pinnacle for the series, 4 became something else, sort of a parody of the whole series, but 3 was just awesome, especially co-op multiplayer.

            I always compare them to old GTA. It's almost like an alternate timeline for GTA where they never abandoned the stupid stuff like Kill Frenzies.

            I considered Saints Row 4 to be a parody of the entire state of gaming, but I might be giving them too much credit and looking too deep into it. The 'romanace options' seem like just a crude joke but then you think about stuff like Dragon Age and Mass Effect where it really does just sort of boil down to 'Press X to see a sex scene that has no impact on how the characters interact'. Most games that parody gaming do that tend to be like Eat Lead where it's just 8-Bit references and Dorito covered neckbeards, but Saints Row just sort of does a sarcastic impression of games that are currently being released.
            It's sort of like the first Robocop movie where it's mocking the genre and the audience but it's also really good at being what it's sending up.

              That's a good comparison actually, Saints Row 3 and 4 pretty much ARE Paul Verhoevens Robocops of gaming lol

    Just remember to get the unofficial sr2 patch unless you like crashes from cutscenes

    SR4 is up on PSN for $40 and the new "Gat out of Hell" expansion is being sold standalone for $25 or so (from memory). It's on the low end for new release PS4 games.

    I picked up a bundle off steam last week with SR2, SR3 and SR4 with a heap of DLC for around $10.
    Ive only recently joined Steam but loving these prices compared to Consoles

      The sales are pretty fantastic but they create a problem when you want to play a new release game but you know sooner or later it'll be like $3. You start to feel like a sucker any time you consider buying a full priced game. Luckily there's a lot of great stuff out there under $10.
      If you're new to PC gaming also check out Greenman Gaming and Good Old Games. Like Steam/Humble Bundle they have some pretty impressive sales and bundles. I picked up everything GTA, from the original top down game to GTAIV (plus DLC) for next to nothing on Greenman a while back.

    Just got the Voyager bundler (mostly so I can play Syberia I and II again) for US$2.99 so I guess about AU$.3.50 or so... pretty decent deal. Codes are accessed via URL that they email you. Paid using Paypal. Nice.

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