This Week In Games: The Wasteland

Hahahaha. It's January. Welcome to the time of the year that isn't the Christmas rush. Remember those halcyon days of the holiday season and have your dreams of new video games crushed beneath the empty vacuum that is the aftermath: it is a desolate wasteland.

Wastland pic from Shutterstock

But it is what it is. And I suspect that plenty of us — including myself — are appreciative of the time to play catch up. That being said, if you absolutely have to spend money on new video games, here are some that might tickle your fancy.

4089: Ghost Within (PC)

What is it? A procedurally generated first person stealth game designed for the Oculus Rift. Should you care? When I hear 'designed for the Oculus Rift' I get really excited. I have no idea if this is any good though.

Castle (PC)

What is it? This is a game about building Castles. It looks simple, but quite interesting. Should you care? Word on the street is this game is actually quite original and compelling. I'm interested.

Supreme (PC)

What is it? This is a game about running your own Pizza franchise. There is a game for everything. Should you care? This looks a little low budget and um... rubbish. But I'm glad this game exists.

The Depths of Tolagal (PC)

What is it? A roguelike dungeon crawler you say? This is the new retro 2D platformer. Should you care? I think we have enough of these to be perfectly honest.

Warhammer Quest (PC)

What is it? A role playing strategy game based on the tabletop game. Should you care? This actually based on the tabletop game, which means it's strictly for fans of — you guessed it — the tabletop game. Looks alright.

Did we miss anything? What are you buying? Let us know in the comments below.


    I picked up captain toad yesterday. That counts as this week, right? :p

      I picked it up today. That definitely counts as this week :P

    Warhammer Quest? Is that any good. Boy, does Warhammer bring back memories!

    I picked up Super Smash Bros on sale, so I'll be busy this month anyway :P

    Hopefully part 2 of the PSN sale starts this week and I can pick up GTA V on PS4 for a somewhat cheap price. Cheap for a digital copy anyway

    Does anyone have a link to Castle? Did a google and cant find anything on it

    I'm going to buy a PS3 and play Demon's Souls. Fuck the wasteland.

    I'm hoping that Konami release Suikoden I and II this week. They said "Sometime in January" and it's January and sometime so logically it's this week.

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