This Weekend, A Different Kind Of Gaming Marathon Will Be Happening

Briefly: Spawn4Good will be assembling people to play video games for as long as they can to raise awareness about police brutality, as well as pulling together money for surviving family members of those killed by the use of excessive force. You can get more info here.


    Eh I prefer to keep politics out of games wish Kotaku would do the same.

    It probably isn't a good idea to hold this one week after Awesome Games Done Quick. People only have so much money.

    I think it would've been better to #Alllivesmatter than what's there.

      When police murdering unarmed people who aren't from racial minorities becomes a huge problem, I'm sure that will happen. Until then, they stick to the point.

        Fair enough. But the way things are, wouldn't this create a more segregated community?

          That depends on how people react. I see this and I think "Why the hell are we as a society not outraged by the fact that people who aren't white are generally worth less?" Other people may say "Why the hell is it only blacks who get a special day?" I would say those people could do with a class on empathy and they were never going to do anything to lessen segregation anyhow.

        Police do not murder people. Murderers murder people. Police officers go to work every day to protect and serve.

        Perhaps the problem is that police have the power to take human life? Take that power away and think about the consequences on society

          So it is impossible for a police officer to break the law? No police officer has ever murdered someone?

          Your outlook on life is so weirdly simplistic that I refuse to believe you aren't baiting me. Nobody over the age of seven is that naive.

            'When police murder unarmed people'

            Surely you can't believe that there is some sort of conspiracy that police are deliberately murdering people with no apparent personal gain? What does a police force achieve by murdering any group of people, minority or otherwise?

            Or are the people that police employ inherintly Murderers?

            Also note that the justification for use of firearm (ie deadly force, or murder as you seem to think it is called) is when a police officer believes on reasonable grounds it is necessary to protect life, and that there are no other tactical options available (pepper spray, baton, withdrawal, communicating, Cordons etc). Whether there is a weapon or not does not changed the justification

              This is specifically for the United States and if you had kept up with the news, there has been a culture of violence by police toward black people for decades.

              The recent spate of murders (that's what they are. Putting on a uniform doesn't change the fact that a person was killed on purpose through no violent action of their own) in the US that were committed by police are pretty solid evidence that there is a problem.

              Do you not understand prejudice? Or systemic dehumanisation of Othered people? Do you not understand how a culture soaked in violence that gives power to people who crave it and then has no real check and balance system in place can lead to abuse of that power?

              I'm going to have to go back to my last point in my last post. Your views are so simplistic and one sided that I'm having serious trouble believing that you are at all serious. Hell, do you even watch or read the news? Did you read the article?

    You win. I'm a dumb person who doesn't know anything. I'm biased and I thought that police were trying to do the right thing. I didn't realise that the police have been targetting African Americans rather than people who break the law. Someone should tell them that African Americans aren't black. Problem solved right?

    You should be a cop over there mate, sounds like you have it all figuered out

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