Three More Classic Star Wars Games Are Getting Digital Releases

Three More Classic Star Wars Games Are Getting Digital Releases

Just a couple months after the digital debut of X-Wing and TIE Fighter, the folks at Good Old Games have announced plans to start selling three more classic Star Wars titles: Star Wars: X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance, and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Saga.

That sure is a mouthful. In addition to those three digital debuts, GOG's also releasing Battlefront II, Dark Forces, and Knights of the Old Republic II, all of which are already available on Steam. (Though of course these have the distinct advantage of being DRM-free.)

As for the rest of LucasFilm's massive catalogue, well, we probably won't see (the original) Day of the Tentacle or Grim Fandango any time soon, given that Double Fine is remastering them both, but I imagine the trickle of new re-releases will continue throughout 2015. GOG is already teasing another set of announcements for Thursday morning — "We're not saying more right now, but we know the wait will be worth it for six great reasons."

Maybe they have snagged the films? GOG does sell movies now. I'm just hoping for Zak McKracken.


    X-Wing Alliance is my X-Wing game of choice. Will be picking up a joystick for sure to play this!

      I bought it two months ago and a 70 dollar joystick, I regret nothing!!

      I have never played it... and I spent so many hours on the original TIE Fighter & X-Wing.
      I've never played Vs either.

      I've really got to get onto this.
      *goes joystick shopping*

        My god... you can buy the whole set for less than $50.

          Holy shit at the install sizes...

          I cannot believe games were ever that small.

    Zak McKraken, Full Throttle, MI 2, Curse and Escape from Monkey Islands... would cover most of the adventure game catalog between steam and GOG?

    What else is there... outlaws, afterlife (never played this, it was supposed to be good). a tonne of star wars games.. I remember liking Rebel Assault 2 despite it's weird level of cheese. Would probably hold up very badly.

    You can see the original look of Grim Fandango in the re-mastered edition using a toggle button. I don't really understand the whole 'when are we getting the original version' argument - I loved the visuals of the original Monkey Island, but 5 minutes of playing it in the original pixel mode and I was like 'yeah nostalgia only goes so far' and flipped back to the new HD look.

      Really? I hate the new look. I really like it in the sequel that you can get the new voice over with the old art style. That's the way I like it.

      I think because it helps put me in the 'kid me' mindset.

      I flick back to HD every now and then but the old style is waaaaaay nicer imo.

        Fair enough re Monkey Island, those original graphics were pretty much flawless. But with Grim Fandango, they've essentially kept the original graphics but included new light & shadow technology and turned the cut scenes from 5 frames per second mess into proper 30 FPS (from what I gather by the making of videos). I just don't understand the appeal of some writers wanting the 'original' versions of stuff - there's no gaming equivalent of 'Greedo shooting first' (or is there?). If you want the original version, you should have kept the floppy disks and your Amiga 500.

    Whoo X-wing Alliance is back. Hope the mods that XWAU still work with it!

    I never played galactic battlegrounds but always thought it looked interesting. Anyone here have an opinion on it? Is it just age of empires with star wars?

      Is it just age of empires with star wars?


      However, that isn't to say that isn't awesome! It's built on the Age of Empires 2 engine, which itself is an awesome game. Playing with star wars factions and units, on star wars planets is awesome. And there are new mechanics introduced with the different tech available [For example, you can build force field generators over your cities!].

      Definitely recommend this game!

        Sounds good. I was hoping it was like AOE.

    X-Wing vs Tie Fighter: Balance of Power is a must have. Superb story in both campaigns and unique missions you won't find in other Star Wars flight sim titles.

      Really hope someone at Disney wants to make money and these get a 'true to the original' remake.

      I seriously have a hard time understanding how such a beloved title has gone over fifteen years without a remake, when we have big screen hollywood adaptations of every fucking childhood super hero under the sun...

      Even if they took it to kickstarter they'd get millions instantly...I have no idea why the fuck companies like Disney buy the rights to this stuff then just sit on it, overpaid, uninformed executives with MBA's and no idea what their audience actually wants is a fkn epidemic on this planet /rant...

      Last edited 21/01/15 12:22 pm

    now if they could release a pre NGE SWG they would be set

      Would love to see this. Was only looking to purchase the game a few months ago to give the emulator a shot.

    Am I the only one who wants these to come to steam? I couldn't care less about DRM I'm online ALL the time anyways. Also, I'd like to buy these games as a gift and send them directly through steam. Also not to mention the achievements/badges where you can sell / trade for credit.

    They need to redo these Xing & tie fighter games with the latest gaming engines. This really does need to be done

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