Three Shady Marvel Characters Join Disney Infinity 2.0 

Three Shady Marvel Characters Join Disney Infinity 2.0

One wants to wipe out an entire planet. Another was driven insane by mad science. The third really likes Troll dolls. Today Ronan the Accuser, the Green Goblin and Blue Merle join Disney Infinity 2.0.

This fresh injection of evil and shady not only gives players new characters to work with in the game's Toy Box mode, but each is also playable in their respective Marvel playset — Green Goblin in Ultimate Spider-Man and Ronan and Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy.

For those of you keeping score, that leaves two Disney Infinity 2.0 toys slated for release — Princess Jasmine and Sexy, Sexy Loki.

One Kotaku reader's biggest Disney Infinity fan, GiantBoyDetective, created a lovely video preview of the three new guys, covering the toys, their in-game appearance and how strange it is to battle the Green Goblin as the Green Goblin.


    Not in Australia until the 22nd.

    that leaves two Disney Infinity 2.0 toys slated for release — Princess Jasmine and Sexy, Sexy Loki.and Falcon..
    Also about a 99% chance of 2 tron characters at some point before version 3 comes out (but not official yet)

    Last edited 14/01/15 6:04 pm

      I'm betting Disney Infinity 3.0 will be Star Wars based... I think I'm cool with that.

      All that aside I would love Big Hero 6 to get a proper set. And maybe more Marvel groups like Fantastic 4 and X Men. Only the Movie rights are tied up.

    Where's my gravity falls characters? That's what i wanna know.

    That's the Green Goblin?

      IIRC most of the Marvel characters in Disney Infinity are based of their current cartoon versions - I think the only exception is Guardians of the Galaxy as there isn't (or wasn't) a cartoon series of them.

      Look up Ultimate Spiderman TV show, it's show accurate.

    Between these and amiibos, my wallet is crying.

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