Three Years Later, The PSP Gets A Firmware Update

Three Years Later, the PSP Gets a Firmware Update

Today, Sony released firmware 6.61 for the PlayStation Portable. Um. What?

According to Sony, the update improves system software stability. For those keeping score, the last time Sony updated the PSP's firmware was in August 2011.

The update, however, is currently only for Japan. It will be announced for elsewhere at a later date. Keep in mind that this year, there are still games coming to the PSP in Japan.


    probably anti piracy/custom firmware blocking... last i saw all versions were crackable... so this probably puts a stop to that... for now

      I only just bought a PSP a few weeks ago lol, I better download a copy of 6.60 before it gets removed, currently it's on 4.2 or something lol (but already running CFW so maybe I shouldn't bother)

    Urgh. Where's my PS Vita update to get rid of the bubbles, Sony?

      Hells to the yes. I hate the UI on the Vita. Looks hideous and annoying as hell to use. I'd prefer an iOS desktop to this.

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