Tingle's Coming To Blow Up Hyrule Warriors On February 5

Tingle's Coming to Blow Up Hyrule Warriors on February 5

A new Majora's Mask-themed DLC pack for Hyrule Warriors will be arriving in a few weeks, giving the beat-em-up its most unlikely combatant yet. That's right, Tingle. Zelda's weirdest rupee-lover is here to kick butt.

Just revealed during today's Nintendo Direct, Tingle will be battling hordes of enemies with a giant bag of money as a bludgeon and a balloon that blasts away enemies. Young Link will also be part of the DLC add-on, too, with a mask that allows him to transform. But come on, seriously, Tingle. Tingle!

Tingle's Coming to Blow Up Hyrule Warriors on February 5

Three other costumes will be part of the add-on, one of whom looks suspiciously like Skull Kid.


    Been waiting for this, I'm still playing Hyrule, the DLC adds a lot of playtime even if it is a little repetitive, but I guess the whole game sorta is. KALOO LIMPAH!!!

    Is this part of the "season pass" pack? Or do I have to buy this separately (which I would anyway)

      All 4 DLC packs are included in the Season Pass.
      So the 2 packs already released, this one and the boss pack.

        Aw yeah!

    You know, I was thinking Majora's Mask = Skullkid playable character, felt like a no-brainer and then Nintendo Kooloh Limpah'd me.

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