Total War: WARHAMMER Accidentally Announced

Total War: WARHAMMER Accidentally Announced

People have been expecting this for over two years now, but Creative Assembly and Sega have finally gone and announced a Total War: WARHAMMER game. In about the most anticlimactic way possible.

The studio has put together an art book, covering the history of the Total War series, and it wasn’t due to ship to customers until the end of this month. Some early copies are heading out now, though, and one fan who already has one found something in a section written by CA’s Mike Simpson:

Total War: WARHAMMER Accidentally Announced

Like I said, we knew this was coming eventually. And before you freak out that this signals and end (or at least a pause) in the studio’s historical games, remember, the team making this Warhammer game is new.

It will be interesting to see how they handle it. Games Workshop’s fantasy universe has never been as popular as Warhammer 40K, and yet its setting — epic battles made up of footmen, knights, etc — lends itself perfectly to Creative Assembly’s brand of warfare.

We’re contacting Sega for comment, and will update if we hear back.


  • Oh HELL yes.

    This’ll be the first Total War game I’ve been excited for since Shogun 2.

    • Completely agree. I’m only now starting to enjoy Rome 2 after its much maligned launch. Warhammer Fantasy should be hella good.

      • Have you tried the mod Divide et Impera? I’ve never gone back to vanilla after installing it.

      • As much as I love TW and am very much looking forward to this I hope people have learnt not to pre order. They just have way too much of a shoddy record. Wait until it’s working.

        • I couldn’t think or a relevant term for your manhood so went with that.
          Will be nice to have somewhere else to unleash the power of the dark elves. Although with what is being stated down below I’m not sure I like that. Mixing with the common wood elf who obviously supply the sticks that the high elves have up their………backs.

        • Pretty sure that Warhammer Fantasy and 40k are meant to exist in the same universe… The planet from WH:F was meant to be shaped/terraformed by the Old Ones, the same guys that fought the Necrons back before the opening of the Eye of Terror in WH:40k lore.

          They may have ret-conned this more recently, since I stopped following 40k maybe 10 years ago, but it was definitely a thing back then.

  • Given that Games Workshop is currently blowing up the Warhammer World (literally) in preparation for the next edition, it’ll be interesting to see which version of the setting makes it into this game.

    • I imagine the End Times would still work as everything is in turmoil. Plus it would allow pretty much everyone to have a crack at everyone although the whole Elves together as a joint faction would be tricky. Actually, End Times would make more sense because otherwise you’d have to figure out some way to work Ulthuan and Naggaroth into the world which would be tricky.

      That said, I hope we get Fantasy naval battles because I so want to see the Dwarven ironclads in action.

      • I hope they just keep the classic setting myself. I’m not ready for or happy about Bubble Universe yet.

    • How are they blowing it up? And I’m not being facetious, I’m genuinely curious.
      I love 40K and all the fluff, but never really got into Fantasy.

      • To put it simply, they’re turning a lot of stuff on its head. The main thing being that Nagash, a super-powerful undead sorcerer, has gained an incredible amount of power and is just generally wrecking everything. Plus there’s Chaos also making a play for total conquest/domination.

        It is also hinted at that the sheer magnitude of magic that is being tossed around is threatening the very stability of the planet. I’ve found that this is generally the best summary of the End Times (it is 1d4chan though so some of the ads are probably NSFW).

        • Allow me to quote from a Bell of Souls article on the rumors. Keep your salt on hand to take a pinch if need be.

          “The Warhammer World gets shattered on a dimensional level during the climax of the ET. No more “map of the Old World” – it’s now little bubbles of reality, where pockets of civilisation try desperately to eke a living before the next collision with another bubble, which may be full of Chaos. (To address the problem of “how come my Tomb Kings of Khemri are fighting against Wood Elves from Athel Loren?”, not that I get the impression that either of those will still exist, but you get the idea)”

          “Factions :

          1) Chaos : Demons + Beasts + Mortals
          2) Elves
          3) Empire
          4) Undead
          5) Orcs and Goblins
          6) Skavens

          Lizards are gone in space.
          Dwarves survivors join the empire with the ogres.”


          • I’ve got 7 fully painted armies and the new rumours sound retarded. People play fantasy for the world and the strategy that 40k lacks and turning it in to a steam punk 40k clone with a new back story and factions is stupid. They should have just made the new timeline the new warhammer skirmish game and left whfb as it is.

          • That sounds so very urggh. Like seriously urggh. And here I thought that GW were actually doing something smart and re-invigorating the setting and giving it some love considering that Fantasy has been neglected. But this is on the level of “Grey Knights using Daemonhosts” dumb.

            Goddammit GW. Hurry up and fail so that someone else can buy your IP and do something good and SMART with it.

      • Looks like they decided they needed a better excuse to release a new round of rule-books for people to buy.

        Oh, and y’know, what popdart said.

  • If ever there were two franchises made to have a baby together and produce a perfect game it’s these two…

  • Hibijibiagragnnntaugajjkcgajhooealczhkvvvofehfkfmddddd, suelz

    *falls over in a pile of my own froth*

  • This could be an odd situation considering the warhammer franchise is being overhauled soon and there’s a potentially massive boycott coming from the current whfb fanbase….

  • My thoughts while reading were “I guess this is what gets me into the Total War franchise….wait, mobile space? Pass.”

    • Reading it it sounds like Total war: Kingdoms is the mobile game, most likely historical based on existing games.
      Total war: Warhammer is taking it into the fantasy space so I assume it will be a full total war style game, nothing to do with mobile.

      • After re-reading, I think you’re right. Looks like I may just get into the Total War franchise after all!

        • It is a very, very well done franchise. A bit done to death with some of the stuff and empire missed the mark for me. But for large scale battles and military management it it one of the best.

  • I’m conflicted about this. I think it’s fucking exciting to see Warhammer done in a Total War game.

    But I’ve only played Shogun 2 and it didn’t really grab me. Granted I only played it for an hour, but still…

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