Transformers Recruits Fans To Form Their Own Giant Robot

Transformers Recruits Fans To Form Their Own Giant Robot

Two years ago Hasbro asked Transformers fans to vote for a brand new character to join either the Autobots or Decepticons in their never-ending battle. This year they're asking fans to create five robots that form into one massive monster machine.

The first fan-built Transformer promotion resulted in Metroplex security guard Windblade, a female Autobot who is now the star of her own comic book, so we know Hasbro is taking these competitions seriously. This time around the voting is tied to the Combiner Wars line, with fans asked to help design their own amalgamation of five robots as one.

To participate, fans must first download the official Transformers app, available on iOS or Android. Once in they will be able to participate in the first week of voting, in which we pick which vehicles we'd like the limbs and torso to be.

Transformers Recruits Fans To Form Their Own Giant Robot
Transformers Recruits Fans To Form Their Own Giant Robot

Not a lot of choices there, which I find worrisome. The options being presented here all seem to jibe with announced toys for the Combiner Wars lines, making me think we're going to get repaints instead of a cool new deign like Windblade's.

Oh, and we also get to choose faction. I left that out as it's really a no-brainer.

Transformers Recruits Fans To Form Their Own Giant Robot

Each round of voting is open for one week, leading up to a final question that will pop up on Toys'R'Us' Twitter on February 19 — I'm guessing that will be the combiner's name.

Doesn't it feel good to help shape a piece of Transformers history? Sure, ultimately our votes matter slightly more than our presidential votes, but at least we can say we voted.


    Eh, I mean, they've had planes (Superion), they've had cars (Menacor), they had weird ass alotments of this that and the other with the Technobots (Computron?), Animals (Predaking) construction equipment (Devestator, the original, still the best), military vehicles with the Combaticons (Bruticus).... so I mean, what's honestly left?


      Ha! The Aqua-man of transformers.

        When you think about it... Aquamans a lot more useful than Captain America...

      Don't forget mythical beasts, sea creatures and bullet trains.

      Agree, Devastator is the best, but one cannot deny the stiffy Predaking gives. Did like the idea with the Seacons that each 'limb' could become a different weapon for the gestalt.

      Boats could work, carrier or destroyer for the torso. Would work just fine in true "omg I cant get the sizing right, nobody notice" transformer tradition, they could have fishing boats and dinghys for the limbs.

        Oh Predakings the meanest looking, hardest one. Something about Devestator is just fantastic. Except that movie incarnation. ERGH.

          Agreed, just look at some of these masterpieces:
[email protected]/11957813225

          I cry whenever I see the original G1 figure, so poorly made.

    I like the look of the 3rd Truck Torso, with the motorcycle weapon.
    Jet & Chopper for arms.
    Cars for legs

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