Users Complain Of False Charges On EA's Origin

Users Complain Of False Charges On EA's Origin

A number of people across the web say they're seeing fraudulent charges on their EA Origin accounts — though a representative for the publisher says there's no evidence of a hack.

As with all outages and security issues of this nature, it's tough to tell exactly how widespread this is, but yesterday we started getting reports that a lot of Origin users are getting charged for purchases that they didn't actually make. Since then, a thread about fraudulent purchases on Origin has bubbled to the top of Reddit's games section, and people have taken to EA's forums to complain as well. The most common occurrence seems to be a fraudaulent charge for the soccer game FIFA 15.

In a statement to Kotaku, an EA rep said they don't believe this is the result of a hack:

We found no indication at this point of a breach of our Origin account database. Privacy and security of user account information are of the utmost importance to us. We encourage our players to use Origin user ID and passwords that are unique to their account and to report any activity they feel may be unauthorised to EA customer support at

The good news is that Origin has two-step verification, so if you haven't already, be sure to set that up.


    I wonder if this is related to the FIFA 12 hacks a few years back.

      Man, I remember getting off easy with that. Someone accessed my X360 account around Christmas but did nothing with it. All they did was put FIFA 12 on my achievement list >:I

    This has nothing to do with origin and all to do with moronic players clicking on obvious phishing links which promise free packs. Notice how its only happening with FIFA

      Incorrect, I would not consider myself moronic nor have I ever clicked on a phishing email however in October I noticed $200 come out of my account from the Japanese Origin store, upon investigation it was indeed FIFA 14 Game & Packs having been purchased. I reported to EA immediately however after 4 attempts I am still yet to get a reply, VISA were kind enough to refund the money and cancel my card straight away to prevent further purchases however it is frustrating being unable to play things like DA:I online or FIFA 15 with the PSN being permanently linked to a hacked account that EA refuse to respond with a fix.

        Someone obviously got your origin login details. You account was not hacked. You did not protect your login details well enough

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