Wanna Know How Long It Would Take To Beat Every Game In Your Steam Library?

Wanna know how long it'd take to beat every game in your Steam library? There's a calculator app for that. Just go there and either sign in or, if your profile is public, enter your Steam ID. I'm looking at 2842 continuous hours, or 118 days, 10 hours and 12 minutes. How about you?

The existentially eye opening factoids that accompany your Steam prison sentence are great too. Here are some of mine:

I guess it takes exactly one hour to climb to the top of the Empire State Building?

Huh, well that one's depressing.

Oh man, I totally am a robotic arm that works in a car factory! Finally, someone gets me!

Oh, and if you're wondering how it all works, it apparently runs everything through HowLongToBeat.

Thanks for the tip, Nathan Major.


    This guy as a few games: http://steamleft.com/span/76561197995008105

      http://steamleft.com/span/76561197982003783 PalmDesert, highest level and most games on steam...

    Site must be down. Ran it and got 500 Internal Server Error.

    In the essence of a Steam review:
    I give Steamleft.com 10/10, would internal server error again.

      There was a naked guy ranting about a 500 error and then I got killed by a chicken. 10/10 would steamleft.com again.

    3451 continuous hours, 143 days. Maybe I can take long service leave and get started on it

    Last edited 17/01/15 5:03 pm

    2911 continuous hours
    121 days,7 hours,15 minutes

    That's time LEFT. I've beaten some massive games in there over the years.

    Watch the Star Wars prequel series 420 times

    Well there's a special kind of hell.

    Could not find user with that name

      it's your ID not your username

        yeh, thats what i was using cheers,

        I got it working, but i had to sign into my account, my ID was set to public but it still wouldnt pick it up for some silly reason

    4809 hours of game playing
    258 trips on the titanic
    I think I know which I will be choosing

      ahahaha, considering we all know how the first titanic trip went, i hope you have better luck playing the games :P

    http://steamleft.com/span/76561197972222473 seems about right.

      606 games! Nice

      "I added you as a friend btw XD"

      Last edited 17/01/15 7:38 pm


    3924 continuous hours
    163 days,12 hours,55 minutes

    Oh Shi---

    Not enough games, i spent over 300 days in game time for Wow alone...

    I want to know how long it would take to play EVERY GAME ON STEAM ITSELF!!!

    4632 hours.


    7940 games of League of Legends... If i thought that genre had any redeeming qualities.

    Nice touch making that pic of Gaben pop up if you mouse cursor over how many hours it would take.

    10546 continuous hours
    1 year, 74 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes

    I have problems with impulse control with Steam sales...

    Over 11k hours? And I thought I had a smaller than average library. Must be all the RPG's. http://steamleft.com/span/76561198031969473

    1293 continuous hours
    53 days,21 hours,13 minutes

    Doesn't seem that hard

    12858 continuous hours
    1 year, 170 days, 18 hours, 56 minutes

    Not as bad as I thought it was gonna be, I could watch the entirety of Doctor Who 33 times apparently... well I better get started.

    Woah and i thought i had way too many steam games lol maybe they should make this app for GOG as well, that'd be handy!

    5050 hours
    210 days, 10 hours, 9 minutes

    I thought it'd be way more than that to be honest... though i'm glad i decided to not buy any more on steam haha my pile of shame is getting ridiculous!

    Only 1062 hours...

    Although, I have sunk probably double that into Dota, sooo...

    184 hours
    I've only got 9 games on there....but the first 3 are Fallout 3, Fallout NV and Skyrim.....

    2841 continuous hours. In this time I could learn 1 language.
    ...Well, there goes my motivation to learn a new language, if it's going to take as much time as finishing every game I have on steam...

    lol someone sent me my result... 16829 continuous hours... *sigh* nearly 2 years!!

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