Watch One Guy Speedrun One Of The Hardest Games Ever Made

Watch One Guy Speedrun One Of The Hardest Games Ever Made

I Wanna Be The Boshy is one of the silliest games I’ve ever seen, a mishmash of characters and levels from classics ranging from Castlevania to Mega Man that seems designed to be as infuriating as possible. It’s silly. Outrageous. Totally unfair.

Maybe that’s why it’s the best part of this week’s Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 so far.

The run, conducted this afternoon by a charming speedrunner named witwix, is an hourlong gauntlet of impossible platforming and excruciatingly precise timing. It’s absolutely fascinating. You’ve gotta watch it.

Anyone familiar with the hilariously impossible platformer I Wanna Be The Guy might recognise the title and gameplay here, and in fact, Boshy is a spinoff designed to be even more difficult than the game that inspired it. Boshy is really unfriendly toward speedrunners because it’s full of randomly-generated obstacles that can kill you before you have a chance to do a thing… which is exactly what makes this run so good. Watch it all right here:


  • I watch one last night of castlevania 3 and damn it was awesome. I enjoy difficult platformers but the “I wanna be the” games are too hardcore for me.

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