What Are You Playing This Weekend?

With almost 100% certainty I expect I'll be playing a bunch of the Halo 5 beta, since I love it and there's not much new coming out at the moment.

But I love months like January. Just little periods of the year when I can play catch up and check out the games I haven't had the time to play. Like Shadows of Mordor. I've been meaning to put more hours into that game. Now that I've pretty much abandoned Dragon Age: Inquisition, I might be able to do that.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Hitting up some Captain Toad with my wife.

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    Diablo III with friends. Outside of that will be Agarest 2 mixed with Disgaea 4 and a side serving of Pokemon Omega Ruby.

    Will be playing a fair bit of Halo 5 beta, starting with a 3-4 hour session tonight. If anyone's keen to join a winning team, feel free to hit me up. :P

    I just picked up Final Fantasy X, MotoGP 2 and 3 and 007 Agent Under Fire from cashies for my PS2! Wife, child...begone! I'm gonna be busy...

    Ps: this will be the first time on FFX for me...I'm so excited!

    Hopefully gonna try finish Metro Last Light on my xbox one if I get enough time spare.

    Probably just be destroying people Destiny PVP, Samurai Warriors 4, Tales of Hearts R and finally getting around to season 2 of Deep Space Nine.

    Finishing The Last of Us! Also probably Duke Nukem 3D on Vita (which i am finding to be borderline unplayable with the Vita's horrible analog sticks)

    A bit of El Capitano Toad, continuing my way through the MCC (still playing Halo, hoping to get up to Halo 2 tonight) and maybe a bit of Pro Evo. And also some Shovel Knight.

      Hahahah! I was going to use "El capitano toad" in my post. It's so strangely compelling to write and say in Spanish!

    Elite Dangerous. Just picked it up and have played a couple of hours. Sure it's a slow grind and a vertical learning curve but I really kinda dig it.

    I've been investing a lot of time in Warframe for Xbox One recently so I'll sink a few hours into that. Also will try to hone my skills on Killer Instinct (again Xbox One) and I recently upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy Note4 and bought Secret Of Mana on Google Play. Might veg out and play some of that :)

      Ooo I'm gonna pick up the Note 4 in a month when my contract allows me to upgrade. Currently have an S4 (although it's broke.) How you liking the Note?

        Fantastic man. I actually upgraded from an s4 myself. Very fast, very clear and vivid screen. You won't look back :)

          Excellent. I'm most looking forward to that bigger screen for watching videos/browsing the internet. :)

            Just make sure you get a case/screen protector for it. That big screen will not protect itself :)

              I hear ya on that one! My sister decided it would be fun to play "I'm gonna take your phone and you gotta catch me". My poor phones first drop (Only having the phone for a fortnight) on wooden floor boards. I was happy to see no damage, as soon as it happened i went and bought a case haha. Siblings can be dangerous

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        A timeless classic. Pity the sequels are not available. If only Lufia was available I'd be a happy man.

    Flitting between Dragon Age Inquisition, Last Of Us, Diablo 3 and Halo 2. Might also try First Light, cause it's free and all that...

    Lol, playing marvel puzzle quest while binging on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Captain Toad, Far Cry 3 and probably some Halo 5

    I'll be continuing to spend January working on my pile of shame. Finally played through Spec Ops: The Line, next up probably Tomb Raider or Transistor.

      Tell me you loved Spec Ops the Line...

        I did, as I expected I would (I was aware of the buzz at the time, but had stayed away from the coverage enough not to give away any spoilers). Brilliant tone and design throughout, a pretty good script that's performed well, and poses some good questions about player agency to boot (for this reason I enjoyed the Bioshock references it makes).

    Crossy Road, Hearthstone, Skin Flute, Zombie Dice and Ticket to Ride.

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    Dragon Age Inquisition...when I get a chance. I've got most of my weekend booked up with my open water diving certificate (which is a bit of a chore, tbh).

    Started Wasteland 2 so more of that. Maybe see if we can work out a few more rooms on ittle Dew.
    General time fillers like Marvel puzzle quest. Might get around to starting darksiders 2 but my weekend is quite full so unlikely.

    I'll be playing the drinking games at the bar crawl game. It can get a bit eggcentric... oops wrong article :D

    Hopefully a bit of GTA V, promised my kids we would fire up the old Nes and play Duck hunt or Dr Mario, hopefully do some Mario Kart 8 as well.

    Finish last level on halo 3 tonight. Then have to work out what to buy-far cry 4 or gta.... Last gta I played was Chinatown!!!! Think gta.

    DA:I and ACU. Some smatterings of Fantasy Life probably too.

    OH! Wait First Light!!!! Thank goodness for PS Plus!

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