What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend will be my last hurrah with the Halo 5 beta, so I'm guessing I'm going to go out with some sort of bang. What are you planning to play this weekend?

To be honest I can't think of anything else that could pique my interest more. I still haven't gotten a hold of Captain Toad yet, but I remain keen to check that out.

What are you guys and girls playing?


    Tetris. The variant where I'll be cramming my worldly possessions into boxes so I can move next weekend.

      I'd rather spend the entire weekend playing the original Tetris.

      Your version sucks.

    Something tells me all my weekend is going to be consumed by trying to 5 Star the Gigantaur in Final Fantasy XIII.

    Gonna sink some time in to Tales of the Abyss on 3DS. Might pick up Fantasy Life tonight as well.

    Also Super Mario 3D Land. Might give the ol' Xbone a break this weekend. I've been too obsessed with Dragon Age: Inquisition.

    Halo and Evolve betas. Bit of Fifa. Can't wait for some new XB1 games...

    Right there with you in the H5 beta, best Halo IMO. Now if only the Aussie dedis would kick in. Usually play at night time 9PM-12PM, young kids and all that. Hit me up if you want a fellow Aussie to beta it out with :) GT same as name here.

    Still working on my project. Which means I might be playing Halo 2 :P

    Probably more Dual Destinies, Reach, any backlog games.

    Thought I'd GIVE mario galaxy 2 another shake now that it's a 13 buck download. Unlike most of the VC games it's exceptional value!

    Also hanging out for the monster hunter demo.

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      I played it again last night after buying. Some of the controls and movement feel a bit sticky having gone back to it from more recent Mario games.

      Will be interested to see if others find this to be the case. Still fun, i'm trying to finish all the stars on my old save file (which I never did because I lent the game to my brother and never got it back).

    Probably more destiny. As repetitive and boring the game actually is, it's super addictive. Plus I just got a machine gun that's crackling with sexual energy ... or lightning, it's one of them. If I get around to reinstalling my cad software I might try putting another few hours into getting all the sides of a bfg-9000 mapped so I can make an accurate replica

    I just picked up a Wii-U, so: Mario Kart 8 + Shovel Knight.

      Get the DLC double pack. It will double the track count and characters for a lowsy $14. Fantastic value unlike all other DLC.

    I actually have no idea. One of the dozen games I currently have on the go.
    Although limited time this weekend so maybe just a few rounds of bardbarian

    Gonna be a busy weekend for me so not a lot of time for gaming, but I'll squeeze in some Smash and Witcher 2 in there somewhere.

    Civ: BE is free this weekend on Steam, so might give that a go, see how much has been shaved off to be sold in expansions.

    Other than that, more Elite: Dangerous (which I'm thinking will become a weekend-only thing - it's too easy to stay up until after 1am, which I can't afford to do on work nights), more Destiny (focussing on Eris' Bounties so I can trade radiant mats; currently halfway to rank 3; and might have a raid to do if people turn up). Maybe some Infamous First Light, if there's time (hint: there never is :S). Maybe some of the MH4U demo...

    I'm pretty keen to play some more Halo 5 Beta like you @markserrels
    Feel free to add me on Xbox Live for some party up action and good times. BenDaMAN303

    Other than that, i may play some more Forza Horizon 2 or Sunset Overdrive.

    First play-through of Persona 4 Golden and probably starting The Witcher 2

    Jackassness, the buck game !

    Its basically a game where a whole heap of guys get together, one of which is a nominated "buck" and then proceed to see who can be the biggest Jackass to one another (particularly the buck) . Followed by its sequel "Jackass2 the regretering" its basically a look back at the first instalment where you try to recall the events of the night before while regretting most of your actions, But I hear the gameplay is terrible due to being full of fetch quests for lost items from the first game. I also hear it is very poorly optimized/runs like shit, buggy as hell and has exceptionally loose control scheme !

    wish me luck I hear its a pretty graphic game !

    forza horizon 2 and maybe some more of infamous first light but I found that a bit boring last night.

    All this Majora's Mask talk has me kinda itchy to hook up the N64 and give it a spin. I have it on the VC but for some reason my Wii VC games are not working with my WiiU (Nintendo told me to send my console to them so they could fix the issue, but I haven't been arsed to do that yet).

    Also going to finish Halo and start Halo 2. Which I am pretty sure I wrote in last week's 'What Are You Playing This Weekend?'.

    Mario kart 7 (just got in on my new 3DS. Zelda: OOT on 3DS as well and some Destiny.

    DAI and maybe ACU. Maybe a little Fantasy Life.

    Destiny, always Destiny.

    Might sneak in some MGS Ground Zeros because even though I bought it a couple weeks ago i've barely played it, and I'm a HUGE MGS fan. Says a lot about the lure of the grind in Destiny though...

    Probably Pokemon Alpha Sapphire as I just got a 3DS.

      You will enjoy it, but, as an overall experience I thought Y was better than Alpha Sapphire. Mainly because I hated all of my Pokemon for 2/3 of the game. I genuinely actively disliked them.

    Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
    I know, it's not a video game, but the first game like this I've ever bought and it's fantastic. So, so much content to buy now. I want it all.

    Super Mario Galaxy 2! And taking in my PC to the store to get it checked out - the GPU crashes everytime it has to do something mildly difficult (e.g. ACIV, Far Cry 3 etc)

    3DS and Vita games only for the next couple of weeks as I'm of to JAPAN.

      A mate and I went to Japan a couple of months ago, we had a blast! The only time you either of us touched the Vitas was the plane really. The country has so much to see and do you will have no time.
      Regardless, have an awesome trip dude. If you remember let me know how you went.

      Sane here! I just bought a Vita for this exact purpose.
      Out of interest - where are you going?

    Diablo 3 with friends and then maybe either Kingdom Hearts II FM or Monster Hunter Ultimate 3. I'll probably also slot some Pokemon Omega Ruby and Disgaea 4 in there too.

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