What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This weekend? I’m not really planning to play anything really. I guess I could catch up on Shadow of Mordor or give Dragon Age: Inquisition its eighth chance, but I probably won’t. It’s one of those weird situations where I have all these games but I don’t feel like playing any of them.

One thing I am toying with is replaying Alien: Isolation from the start. I didn’t finish the game, and I’m regretting that. Maybe it’s worth starting again from the start. Not sure if I should do that or just jump right in from where I left off.

Also: call me crazy, but I’m also thinking about another quick run through Dark Souls. Why not?

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    I'm playing this very rare game that comes out every few years but has a lot of replay value and lasting appeal.

    It's called the Unemployment game >:

      What sort of job are you looking for?

        Looking? I'm losing it.

          Oh! Sorry to hear that. I hope everything works out OK.

            What sort of Job will you be looking for once you're finished with your current one tho??? - Start looking and applying now - the sooner you're into a new job the better - trust me, I've just spent the last 4 months unemployed, It's not as fun as it sounds - the fact that I got a large redundancy didnt help the motivation to look for a new job - I'm wishing i'd only had about a week or two off before stepping into another job.

              the playing games drinking beer and smoking ciggies is the best job.... if you can manage it

              Yep, I had that experience myself. I started looking as soon as I knew I was losing my job and ended up getting something about 1 week after my last day, luckily.

    RERERE(*resident eEVIL)
    Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne
    chrono cross

    Gonna purchase some Digital Devil Saga, Raidou Kuzanoha & Parasite Eve during the sale & 10% off weekend on US PSN.

    Oh yeah!

      Was that Raidou Kuzanoha vs The Soulless Army? I loved it. One of my favourite SMT games.

    I've been going back through the PS3 PS+ games, and giving them a shot before I decommission the machine. Last week it was Brothers, this weekend it might be Remember Me or DmC or I dunno.

    Edit: Also finally got back into D3 on PS4. Up to Act IV. We'll finish this bastard eventually. I've been trying since I bought it on PC on launch day!

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      Why would you blow up your own console?

        "To take (a ship or a military base, for example) out of active service or use; render inactive". I believe I used the term correctly?

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          But, it can still be played forever. Why throw it into a closet forever?

            Because I only have limited HDMI/power/cabinet spots for entertainment devices. Its blu ray and PVR roles have been assumed by other devices. So it's nearly cupboard time!

              I'm in the same position with my PS3, wrapping up the backlog of ps+ games. Started Deadly Premonition last night... that game is on drugs. So glad they chose it for PS+ though would not have tried it otherwise. The selections are pretty great really.

              Brothers was excellent.

      Try Sly Cooper Thieves in Time if you haven't already. Light-hearted and not terribly long. I found it refreshing :-)

    I'm thinking of streaming some I Wanna Be The Boshy this weekend if I can find some time. It looks really challenging and fun.

    Resident Evil HD and probably some more D3 Reaper of Souls. I'm completely through my backlog now and I'm just holding on until The Order 1886, Bloodborne and The Witcher 3. Theres really not much to play atm :(

    Probably finish off DA Inquisition. I've spent less time on it as it I get closer to the end, trying to make it last. Then start on Shadow of Mordor.

    Next week I've got Life is Strange and Grim Fandango, so will enjoy the calm before the storm this weekend.

    I'm killing my gaming backlog at the moment, just started Far Cry 4 last night and am really liking it at present.

      I had trouble liking this game. I enjoyed Farcry 3 a lot, but 4 just wasnt hitting the right notes. After several more hours I'm really starting to enjoy it. The chaos is brilliant.

        Yeah! For a country that's in the middle of a revolution I actually felt like I was in the middle of it.

    Getting the BF4 bug again, pushing to 100 (on 97 atm), and probably continue PvZ2 and maybe pick a game from my immense Vita backlog to start on.

      oh man i've been getting back into BF4 too, pretty excited for Hardline, even if it is just a re-skinned battlefield 4 its more battlefield 4 and that is good :P

        I have a friend I play with regularly, and we have a blast. I tend not to play as much alone, but with a friend we regularly team up and hit Conquest servers doing everything from a vehicle team, to a sniper team - just about anything. So much fun - I always end up laughing my arse off or screaming and yelling. (In a good way) I don't get that animated with many games.

        EDIT: Oh and yes - majorly hyped for Hardline for the same reasons. BF gets a lot of stick these days, but my issues with it are always minimal, and I have far too much fun to care.

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          Yeah that's exactly it, I've been playing Battlefield since I was 13 when 1942 came out and have gone through every iteration since and now on PS4 but it's basically my go to game when there isn't a new Dark Souls or Zelda etc.

            I still pine for Bad Company 3. BC2 was just incredible - Vietnam included.

    MP D3 tonight (SLYPH1000 on PS4 if anyone wants to add), chapter 2 of The Wolf Among Us, maybe finishing TLOU Remastered or jumping back into Dragon Age. Plenty to do! :-)

    I'm also killing my gaming back log and finally playing a lot of PS3 games I never gave the time of day to but should have... Far Cry 3, Fallout 3 & Fallout New Vegas & Batman Arkham City oh and Final Fantasy X/X2 HD.

    Or maybe even continuing to finish Dragon Age: Inquisition... So much to do!

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    GTA V 100% completion and maybe some Far Cry 4 - I shudder at my Vita backlog it is starting to scare me.

      Yeah, me too, particularly as the Vita backlog contains quite a few JRPGs...

    Currently tackling my huge backlog and I'm onto Witcher 2. God damn I'm enjoying this game. Doesn't feel like my hand is being held that much either.

    I have taken a vow to quit gaming for up to 60 days (with a 30 day check in) to support my mate who is quitting smoking.
    I am 2 days in and food has lost its taste. I forget what birds sound like. It's a messy situation.
    Despite this silly challenge, I still preordered and downloaded Dying Light. But now it just sits there ... rotting (pun!).

      Nice idea! Good luck to your friend! I quit myself about 5 or 6 years ago. Best decision.

    I'm playing a game called "help your sister move to a new house in a town 2 hours away because she's too precious to organise herself properly". It has the most advanced mother-nagging and sister-bitching I have ever seen. A lovely way to spend the long weekend.

      True, but you'll feel like an awesome guy when all's said and done. Kudos! Maybe you could take a handheld with you in case there is any downtime while she decides where the sofa is going to go :-)

    Just bought galaxy 2 and dkcr for 13 a pop on the eshop, thought they'd be worth a run through. Might rage at the timed runs in dk though!

    I decided to give my wii u some love and bought monster hunter 3 ultimate ... I think I've begun digging a deep deep hole to rival the one I just crawled out of for destiny.

    No idea what I'm doing, but running around with a giant bone hammer is pretty rad. I get a kick out of the fact that by bludgeoning weapon needs to be as sharp as a saber to not degrade

    Should finally get a tv tomorrow they had to order one in, mate is down from brisbane so no doubt will be showing him around, got a gig on Saturday night then international street food festival on Sunday, his flight back Monday is like 7am so may get on FarCry4 Monday if all goes to plan.....straya.

    Shadow of Mordor, or Mario Galaxy 2, or maybe Telltale's newer games: GoT or Borderlands (picking them up off PSN this weekend). Probably Mordor.

    PS4 - currently playing the SP campaign of GTAV and really enjoying the scale of the map along with the various opportunities for being a dick. I might also crack out some MP Diablo III, Fifa 14 or something else with local MP as I have a mate coming over tonight while the wife's away!

    PS3 - Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, which is my first Sly game and I'm quite enjoying it. The 3D platforming is taking a little while to get used to though. Level design seems really awesome,

    Vita - Rainbow Moon, one of those titles that seems to drag on forever yet still retains my interest. Almost 50 hours in now, the story line is wafer-thin, the enemies are just tougher variants of previous enemies, but for some reason I'm still playing it. Maybe it is the gorgeous scenery, which just pops on the OLED Vita, or the combat, which is pretty fun as well.

    Vita - Miku! Got the song club pass and am now trying to get Extreme Perfect on the DLC songs. I got Aikotoba in three goes, but Sekiranun Graffiti is looking slightly tougher with its chain of rapid notes.

    2DS - Kirby Triple Deluxe if I can prise it away from my daughter. She's ahead of me now in completion percentage :-(

      If you enjoy sly cooper think about picking up the ps2 hd trilogy, my favourite games on the ps2. Sly 2 is especially good and is one of my favourite games of all time.

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and maybe Birth By Sleep if I finish it. Disgaea 4 will most likely be played in the down times along with working on my No Encounters Bravely Default run.

    Destiny. I finally have everything I need to get my warlock to level 32, except rep with Eris, so will be doing my best to get the last 1100 rep over the weekend. Will also finally scrap my alt warlock for a titan, and get them as close as possible to 20 over the weekend.

    Might hop on Minecraft (FTB) as well, work on getting some basic armour and start plundering the Nether... or maybe look for meteors to make a start on my initial reason for starting a new world last week - playing with the new AE2 networks/channels/routing stuff.

    I will be playing Elite:Dangerous (pleasantly surprised with this one) whilst juggling surfing and babies.

    When I eventually get back home I'll be changing between Driveclub and Borderlands The Pre sequel

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