What Legendary Gift Did Destiny's 'Unknown Benefactor' Give You Today?

What Legendary Gift Did Destiny's

Destiny players have begun receiving the "small, but Legendary" gifts promised by developer Bungie earlier this week. What did the random item generator deliver to your mailbox?

While my own Destiny disc has mysteriously disappeared, Kirk Hamilton was able to hop onto the game, plunge his thumb into the Postmaster's box and pull out one of these:

What Legendary Gift Did Destiny's

A quick trip through the Destiny forums shows players opening up shiny new Badgers, Secret Handshakes, Red Deaths and One Way Tickets. Some are outfitted with some cool upgrades, others are instantly turned into scrap.

Sounds like a bonus for less frequent players like myself, while the more experienced have a better chance of getting rocks in their stockings.

What did you get from Santa Postmaster?


    @jackunit 13 I was about 3 hours from texting you saying I am free from the hold of this game, but it may JUST have pulled me back in long enough to see what I get...

      Haha I'm pretty sure I'm free from its evil clutches now...but the Halo beta is only temporary and I wanna see what I get. >:-s

    I got The Devil You Don't.
    It is my first Legendary item so I am happy with it.
    Will have to try and get on this arvo and see how it is.

    I got an arc-based fusion rifle which is kind of redundant since I have Murmur on all three of my characters, but it does have a better range.

    I had a crazy day for legendaries yesterday though. Found three purple engrams, two of which gave me items: robe of the exodus (I badly needed a new chestpiece for my warlock) and Up For Anything. Then I leveled up my vanguard rank and was given The Devil You Don't as a bonus. My wife hates me right now.

      I got 4 exotics on tuesday! I couldnot believe my luck!!!

    Another NitC with some +damage upgrade which I am very happy with as I love scout rifles and it's my first legendary.

    Got a Secret handshake, which will probably be my new secondary shotgun to replace my busted old blue one. Not bad but would have preferred an auto or a sniper as I don't tend to use shotguns all that much.

    5th legendary so far, got 2 fusions and 2 rocket launchers already.

    Don't know yet but I'm assuming it'll be something I don't want, that's the way Destiny usually works.

      Same here! Destiny RNG hates me with a passion.

    I got the Badger CCL (Scout rifle). I would rather keep using my Suros regime, at least until I manage to get an Icebreaker :/


      I got the ice breaker from it haha but I really want the Cl badger cause I has explosive rounds

    Will check when I get home. Fingers crossed something good. then again anything is better than nothing.

    They are not all legendaries are they?

    I got a blue Pickpocket Saint (scout rifle) 272.

    I picked it up from the postmaster late last night. I'm only just a lvl 27 and don't own any purple guns yet :(

    Last edited 08/01/15 5:17 pm

      They should be legendary or exotic, I believe. Have you jumped on today and checked?

        You were right. I checked again and there was a Gijhorn? launcher.. nah actually a void LDR 5001 sniper rifle.

        I am just happy it is a gun type I use :)

          You had me for a sec with the Gjallarhorn bit, lol. I got a pretty crappy machine gun that I tossed straight away for the shards, but you can't complain about free. :-)

    Damn hope it's not a timed item in your inbox, might have to log in tonight and see what I got! Hoping for an upgraded legendary auto rifle...

    I got some Vanguard Shotgun which has the worst range ever. But it has a perk which makes it full auto... so could be worth upgrading to see what thats like.

    I got a legendary auto rifle - Payback SOS

    amazing rate of fire and I can empty the 64 round mag in about 3 seconds, but sweet merciless babies is the impact terrible

    Was grinding vanguard rep to get a legendary scout rifle for my hunter, so I had my fingers crossed. 9 times out of 10 I seem to get heavy machine gun legendaries (already have the exotic Thunderlord). For once I was surprised and I got the legendary Badger CCL scout rifle. Happy days!
    Then the next strike I got Plan C exotic fusion rifle in a drop, then the next strike I got The Crash legendary shotgun. Raining legendaries!

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