What's Your Favourite MOBA?

What's Your Favourite MOBA?

MOBAs are all the rage these days. But the hybrid part-action, part-RTS, part-turret defence genre is also so new still that there haven't been that many great ones yet. So which is your favourite?

Are you a League of Legends loyalist? Have you been won over by Smite already? Do you prefer Awesomenauts, the wild card of the emergent genre? Or are you a diehard originalist who still swears by the original Defence of the Ancients? If so: hipster.

Tell us which MOBA is your favourite in the poll below. "Favourite" is an intentionally vague descriptor here, so make of it what you will. You can pick the one you truly believe to be the best game, the one you play the most, or even the one you're most excited about spending time with right now. But you can only pick one, so choose wisely!

Make sure to explain your pick below. I'm particularly interested in hearing about the factors that made you choose one over another: what makes Smite better than League of Legends in your view, or League better than Dota 2. Those are just hypothetical examples, don't hurt me.


    I actually don't enjoy MOBAs. Not saying there's anything wrong with MOBAs, it's just that they don't do anything for me personally.

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      Yea that really should be one of the options.

    I just started playing DOTA2 again after a break for a year, just to keep me occupied until Evolve is released.

    Only one I ever liked and didn't stop playing because I couldn't be arsed learning builds is Super Monday Night Combat. Too bad its dead.

    Not a Moba man really - in saying that I like the spin that newer ones (to be released) are putting on the genre.

    Heroes of the Storm.

    It cuts out the unnecessary fluff like weapons etc - too many variables that make the game unbalanced.
    Shared exp encourages team play and none of this Carry nonsense.

    Just wish they didn't make generic maps and used their own IP's better.

    I was so excited to play Heroes of the storm, but the community of these kind of games is so off putting all they do is abuse each other. Played 3 rounds and will never return. These people need lives badly.

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      ^^ This. I picked up the Heroes of the Storm Founders pack, and I'm enjoying it, but any quick-match I can ever get into only results in slagging and abuse. Nothing worse that being harrassed, and abused for being a n00b Its like 'yes, I am a noob! Yes, I do suck! I've only been playing the game for 2 hours!

    I hate all MOBAs. But I play LoL because my friends play it. Also OMDU, but I'm waiting for it to be fixd (remove all MOBA aspects).

    In the actual use of the word, I'd have to say Titanfall. I've steered very clear of Dota and League as I've heard the community is horrible to players that don't know what they are doing. I guess you could say my desire to not let a team down (even once) is stronger than my desire to learn to play.

    Yeah i picked DOTA 2, it was the first MOBA i became heavily addicted to and the depth and complexity kept me stuck in that game for a good 1000 hours... and for that same reason that others mentioned i quit, way too toxic and stressful even though the game was so epic. I also played LOL and Infinite Crisis for a bit also!

    I'm presently playing Heroes of the Storm casually and enjoying that, doesn't have the same pull for me as DOTA 2 which is a good thing lol

    Wow, I actually did not know anyone played Smite... I thought LoL would be the most popular, but Smite has a lot of votes! No one ever talks about it! Ever! What's up with that? lol

    Looks like the smite marketing department was busy today.

    7k votes, Double over the most played MOBA and not 1 comment. If it was that good somebody would be shipping it in the comments section.

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