Wii Games Will Finally Be Downloadable On Wii U

Wii Games Will Finally Be Downloadable On Wii U

It’s been possible to play Wii games on your Wii U since forever, but Nintendo’s finally making Wii games downloadable through the eShop. This new feature kicks off with one of the company’s best platformers, Super Mario Galaxy 2. It’s available today.

Other games are coming very soon too. Punch-Out!! is scheduled for January 22, while Metroid Prime Trilogy arrives on January 29. Games will be $US9.99 each during their first week of availability before settling at $US19.99. By comparison, a used copy of Super Mario Galaxy 2 is currently $US29.99 at GameStop.

If a Wii game supported the Classic Controller, you’ll be able to control it with the GamePad.

Wii Games Will Finally Be Downloadable On Wii U

What Wii games do you want to see made downloadable on Wii U?


  • Wow, metroid trilogy for ten bucks?! That may just be the best gaming deal of all time!

    Also, more people need to experience the exquisite animations and character of punch out.

    But still, the wii was very popular. Where are the gc games? That’s the system which needs a VC the most.

    • Where are the gc games? That’s the system which needs a VC the most.

      I could not agree more. There are some great games that need to be available.

      Eternal Darkness, Ikaruga, REmake, Rogue Squadron, Luigi’s Mansion, Baten Kaitos, Tales of Symphonia, Fire Emblem: PoR….I could go on.

      • Even Sunshine and double dash need another shake. They’ve attracted this “red headed stepchild” stigma which is somewhat unwarranted, they were both strong departures from tradition of franchises people berate for being “rehashes”.

        Also, everyone seemed to about-face on wind waker.

  • Oh no, this is terrible news, my rare copy of Metroid Trilogy for Wii just lost its value 🙁

    • I never really got this. I mean there’s still the same number of physical copies out there, and they’re just as pirateable as they were before, I don’t see how a release on a digital service suddenly makes it less valuable. If anything, it feels like it should have more value now because it’s suddenly got a whole lot more exposure.

      • They’re still just as rare, but the value is determined by supply and demand.

        If people are now have convenient access to another legitimate copy of the game, it could lessen the demand for the physical disc.

    • I dunno, even a disc-based HD re-release of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus did nothing to dampen the value of the PS2 discs… hold out hope!

    • It’d be nice to have some sort of upscaling – I totally agree.
      However, being able to replace (some) of my Wii collection after trading it all in for some forgettable shooter or another is enough for me.

  • I bought Super Mario Galaxy from ozgameshop only this week! Just bought the digital version…Guess that physical copy is becoming a gift!

  • I was under the impression we were getting Donkey Kong Country Returns on Jan 22nd in our region, and only the US was getting Punch Out that soon?
    Brilliant news either way, but I’m personally hoping for DK all the way 😀

  • Damn, I’ll buy some 1st party games for $10. Better than $70-80 retail.

    Edit: wait….. no mention of AU tax …

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