World’s Best Jigglypuff Player Makes Opponent Give Up In Smash Tourney

World’s Best Jigglypuff Player Makes Opponent Give Up In Smash Tourney
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Don’t be fooled by Jigglypuff’s cutesy exterior. In the right hands, the pink Pokémon can be an absolute monster.

Smash Bros. veterans know about Jigglypuff’s moveset, including a move called “Rest”. Basically, it’s a special move that makes Jigglypuff fall asleep — which makes it very risky if the player whiffs. Balancing this is the fact that, if a player pulls off the move just right, it will knock the enemy way off the stage. It’s such a powerful move, that it has the ability to KO enemies at low percentages.

A player that goes by the handle “Hungrybox” showed the world just how devilish this move can be during a Smash Bros. tournament this weekend called Paragon 2015. Earlier in the tournament, Hungrybox beat a player that goes by the handle “Mew2King,” throwing him into the loser’s bracket. But Mew2King won the loser’s bracket finals, letting him face off against Hungrybox once again during the winner’s Grand Finals.

You can watch this grand final around 5 hour 52 minute 37 second mark in the video below:

Like five seconds into the first match, Hungrybox rests Mew2king, killing him immediately. It’s an intense start to the match — and Hungrybox then goes on rest Mew2King again, eventually causing Mew2King to just suicide off the first match, essentially giving up.

In the second match, Hungrybox rests Mew2king about 10 seconds in once more, causing the announcers to quip about how Hungrybox is “sleeping on the competition.” And as if on cue, Hungrybox rests Mew2King right after the announcers say that, causing the crowd to cheer “OOOOOH.” Mew2king would go on to give up this second match, too.

In the third and final match, Mew2king seems to give up altogether, and chooses Jigglypuff himself. Jigglypuff isn’t a character Mew2king is really known for, and predictably, Hungrybox ends up winning the entire thing. It was a somewhat anticlimactic end to the big tournament, and some players couldn’t help but poke fun at it all:

Still, congrats to Hungrybox for the win! It’s especially notable since, earlier in the day, Hungrybox had entered the Smash 4 tournament — and an incident with a heckler yelling “HOO-HAH” caused Hungrybox to lose his cool and quit the game mid-match to go over to the heckler and tell him to settle down:

Because of that, spectators couldn’t help but type HOO HAH into the chat during Hungrybox’s matches later during the day. Even so, and despite ample commotion from the audience at certain points during the tournament, Hungrybox went on to win the Melee tournament.

Mew2King’s placement in the Melee match is notable, too. “I’m feeling very unconfident about my Melee ability this weekend,” Mew2King wrote on his public Facebook page. “Considering dropping out only cuz i don’t think I’m even a competitor right now.” Good thing he didn’t. Not only did he come in second place in the Melee tournament despite being out of practice, he went on to win the Smash 4 tournament, as well as the Project M tournament in Paragon 2015. Not bad!

You can watch the rest of Paragon 2015 here.


  • So, Jigglypuff falls asleep, then pulls the opponent from across the screen and just KOs them immediately? I don’t understand Smash Bros, but this seems way overpowered to me. Why not just stay away if Jigglypuff is asleep, or used ranged moves or something?

    • It’s at the very start of the move. If Jiggs is intersecting your character when triggering the move, you’ll get smashed by it (see the part of the gif where Fox gets all burny and flies off to the left). But then he’s stuck there napping on the spot, so is wide open for an attack if it misses.

      • So rest is only the last part of the gif then? Used when the other guy was helpless in the air and couldn’t avoid it? Still seems pretty overpowered.

        • Yeah, first he grabbed Fox then threw him up in the air, then jumps up to meet him there and fires off Rest. It’s not the easiest thing to pull off even at the best of times.

        • Rest has a very small and specific hit box hence it has a very huge chance of whiffing unless you know the move down pat. Also the stage is a medium sized one + Fox is a light character. Light characters go flying at the drop of a hat against Rest and with the smaller out of bounds of a medium stage is a quick KO. Rest itself doesn’t send medium or heavy’s flying as far until their on mid-high percentages

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