Xbook Duo Crams An Xbox One And Xbox 360 Into One Laptop

This is some seriously impressive hacking in a seriously ugly container.

If you're a Microsoft console gamer, the switch from Xbox 360 to Xbox One has to have hurt a little due to the lack of backwards compatibility between systems. That is, unless you're willing (or possibly crazy enough) to cram the innards of both an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One into one "laptop".

"Laptop" in this case would need some pretty hefty legs to sit on, but it's an impressive bit of engineering in any case, especially as it's claimed that it has no particular overheating issues. I'm not quite as wild about the style of the completed unit, but maybe that's just me.

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    Would have been cool to do away with the switch and somehow use the HDMI passthrough to use the xbox 360 from the xbox one dash.

    Probably got something to do with input lag though i would imagine.

      Only one power supply is the problem, so only 1 system can be running at a time.

      Also, the HDMI in on the xbox one only works if it's running, so its not true 'passthrough'.

    Pass on the 360 part of the mod. XB1 or PS4 laptop who'd be great for travelling/FIFO workers

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