Xenoblade Chronicles X Sure Looks Impressive

Oh hey there, new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X. You're looking oh so fine.

I'm still not sure how the folks at Monolith Soft are managing to eke so much out of the frustratingly underpowered Wii U, but hey, I'll take it. I mean, just check out that video footage. It looks wonderful. Hopefully they populate that world with interesting enemies and things to do beyond "GO COLLECT THIS THING." And hopefully this one's got more interesting characters than the first Xenoblade had. But yes. Hype.

Xenoblade Chronicles X comes out in April for Japan, and "2015" for North America, although based on the fact that the trailers are still using Japanese voices, I'm guessing we've still got a ways to go.

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    This is THE game I am waiting for. Loved Xenoblade Chronicles and I don't care if there is a whole bunch of "GO COLLECT THIS THING" because the world is absolutely gorgeous.

      Likewise, I actually want to buy a WiiU for XCX! XC was definitely one of my favourite Wii games, the overworld was absolutely breathtaking and I really wish more games gave that sense of fantastic adventure.

    Ok well I never thought I would even want a free Wii U but this looks pretty amazing.

    That looks gorgeous. I would love to see those environments in 3D stereoscopy.

    C'mon, is the wii u actually frustratingly underpowered? It blows the socks off the last gen (see multiplats like nfs or deus ex, or look at ANY first party game), and I can't think of any genre which was stifled by the power of the ps360. What are we getting on the ps4 which would suffer in terms of gameplay by being on the ps3? Knack?!

    Being able to run this game should be enough, right? It looks amazing, it will play well, and it will be full of delightful English accents.

    Also,the characters in xenoblade were excellent! Not last story good, but fun nonetheless. The world needs more cockney robots.

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      Exactly what I thought when I read it too.

      I like my wii u.


    Loved the first one, so this is an insta-buy for me. Can't wait.

    This looks freakin' amazing! Must. Buy. This. Now. But. Can't.

    Underpowered schmunderpowered.

    Sure the Wii U is compared to the PS4, but that's underpowered compared to a decent PC.

    For the price point, it pumps out decent graphics on two screens. And more than that, the 1st and 2nd party dev teams deliver software suited to the hardware. Minimal bugs, solid frame rates, lots of colours and good art design

    Anyway, Xenoblade is my most anticipated game for this year.

    Holy crap time travel is real; didn't realise they were using the same engine as Xenosaga. All trolling aside, it doesn't seem like we haven't advanced that much since 2002.

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