You Can Now Play 2400 MS-DOS Games In Your Browser

You Can Now Play 2400 MS-DOS Games In Your Browser

Good luck getting anything productive done today.

It’s all thanks to the Internet Archive, which just dumped this incredible list of games here, free to play. Games like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Total Carnage, Street Fighter 2, Championship Manager, Speedball II, Turrican II, Rick Dangerous…

Actually it almost feels silly to list favourites. You just have to go and see for yourself. It’s such a incredibly powerful list of games I don’t even know where to begin.

Oh wait, I totally know where to begin. They have The Oregon Trail.

Oh dear lord God in heaven. They have the original Sim City.

2,400 MS-DOS Games Are Now Free Online (Some of Them Are Porn)

So yeah, my working day is pretty much ruined.

Also: if, like me, you were wondering about the legality of this whole endeavour this is worth reading. Put simply, this whole collection is perfectly legalas a result of some exemptions, mainly to do with games on obsolete hardware. Play without guilt my friends!

Via the Washington Post.


  • I can’t believe you failed to mention all the NSFW games, Mark! The guys at Gizmodo made sure that readers were aware of them!

  • A slight NSFW warning on the website, as some of the games are porn(ish, it’s MS-DOS!).
    However, they weren’t known for subtlety in the MS-DOS era, so you’ll be easily able to avoid them.
    Y’know, just in case your boss is ok with you playing SimCity during work hours but draws the line at Leisure Suit Larry.

      • Man my typing skills are ridiculously bad today.
        Also…not really. Well, not compared to some of the stuff on there.

    • Luckily Leisure Suit Larry has a “boss key” you can press so your boss will just think you are looking at a bar chart. From an 80s era spreadsheet. Inside a modern web browser.

    • I also haven’t checked, but if it isn’t you can pick up the full registered version running its own DOSBOX for free on Desura.

  • When I was younger, we had a CD jam packed full of Shareware and Freeware games that I would spend many hours playing. Even after several years I still hadn’t played them all so I have a feeling I’m going to spend a very long time in this library, especially since a number of the titles were also on those CDs and need to be replayed.

  • ‘Meh, I doubt there’s anything here which will really grab my atten….. OMG STUNTS!’

      • Check the first comment at the bottom of the page, someone has provided the answers…
        [Don’t worry, it took me a while to notice that, too]

        • Hrmm must be missing something. Don’t see any comments at the bottom of the page or otherwise.

          “Please enter the word in the manual located on Page 6 , Line 3 ,Word 7 (Not counting headlines or spaces)”

          • At the bottom of this page [], there is the Reviews section, where sei0809 has posted the correct words for each of the security challenge questions.

  • I’m appalled at the number of these titles I actually remember playing.

    Caveman Ugh-lympics
    Fury of the Furries
    Ski or Die

    Not that they were that good, but oh man the memories. I will def be hitting this up after work.

  • Oh wow! Liero! Jazz Jackrabbit! I wonder if they have Jones in the Fast Lane….

    EDIT: Nup, no Jones in the Fast Lane. Was looking forward into playing that again

  • Gah! Get out of town Kotaku! I was just perusing the Internet Archive last night =P haha

    They also have a great selection of classic cartoons and movies too, like Popeye and Superman. The internet is awesome =D

  • I remember being woken in the office by a cleaner at 3am on a Saturday in the mid/late 90s, slumped in front of a beige pc box with a dos golf game paused on the 17th green, 2 holes from breaking the record set by a staff member… I remember because I was the boss and I refused to go home until I beat the little #$%^^$%#’s record score… I got divorced shortly after as I recall… no connection though, none at all… so thanks for this article, thanks a lot!!! 😉

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