You'll Be Able To Stream Your Xbox One Games To Any Windows 10 Device

You'll Be Able to Stream Your Xbox One Games to Any Windows 10 Device

The games that have been locked to Microsoft's latest home console will now be able to live on other devices running the company's upcoming operating system, Microsoft said today.

During Microsoft's Windows event today, Xbox lead executive Phil Spencer showed a live demo of new functionality that will let users stream Xbox One games to PC and tablets running on Windows 10. The streaming happens via the new Xbox app that will come as part of Windows 10. Spencer launched a game of Forza on a Surface Pro 3 tablet, showing how the app will pair with Xbox One consoles in the home.

This linking is similar to the kind of streaming that Sony's enabled between the PS4 and their Vita handheld and that Steam users can use to play games on computers other than the ones running them.


    In that picture he's using a controller. I assume input is limited to controllers then... instead of adaptive input depending on the device it is streamed to?

    EDIT: the video only shows controller input... so I guess so.

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    Where's the hololens story? windows 10 and xbox one functionality looks very interesting in the future. Still need to wait and see how they actually work after release but right now it looks very exciting!

      It's on Gizmodo.


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    I've been wanting this for a while. Hopefully it hits Windows 8 too.

      free upgrade to win 10

        I'm not convinced I'm going to use Windows 10 over Windows 8. I'll give it a shot but given the complaints about Windows 8 I feel like a lot of the features that really make Windows 8 shine are going to be butchered into more Windows 95-friendly configurations.

    The new app collates all your games, including those on Steam.
    Launching Steam games also launches the Steam client.

    Would be nice if they could just make some of those games available on Windows 10. Really don't want to buy an Xbox One just to play Forza and the other one or two cool exclusives that show up.

    remote play on ps4 is something i have loved.
    in home streaming to my surface has been great for steam
    this is fantastic news.

    Really confused by this, why would I want to stream xbox games to my PC? If anything, I'd want it in the other direction.

      you might, but not everyone has a dedicate TV for only their XBOX. If you're able to stream to another device, other people can use the big TV in the lounge room for watching the tele, while you're able to play on another system/desktop or whatever.

      I think the idea is that you can stream to a phone or surface running Windows 10.

    Having 4 kids and only two consoles/ big tv's in the house....this is awesome news

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