'3D Streets Of Rage 2' Was Just Classified In Australia

The Classification Board has just classified a game title '3D Streets Of Rage 2'. Is it a new game? A 3DS game? A remake of the original for digital distribution? We have no idea at this stage, but have reached out to SEGA's local representatives in an attempt to find out.

Most likely it's a version of the original Streets of Rage 2. The reasoning for that is fairly simple: games usually go in for classification pretty close to the game's release and there's no way SEGA would quietly release a brand new Streets of Rage game. My guess is that it'll be a version of the game released on the 3DS as opposed to a remake or a reworked version of the SEGA Mega Drive original, which is a little less exciting but far more likely given the circumstances.

Either way it's good news. Streets Of Rage 2 is probably the best scrolling beat 'em up game ever made, so I'm fairly keen to play it again on a handheld. Feels like a good place for it.

We'll update once we hear from SEGA.

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    I think you are correct in that it will be a 3ds title like the afterburner one that got redone.

    Almost positive this is a continuation of Sega's 3D classics line: http://blogs.sega.com/category/sega-3d-classics/

    Why can't they the same for Sonic 2, they did it for the first game.

    Yes! A classic!!

    Here's hoping we eventually see Sonic 3 & Knuckles 3D :D

    If this is an M2 re-master, then boy, we're in for a treat. Last time they spoke about converting Streets of Rage, they said they chose the first game because the sequels had odd-angled geometry that didn't play nice with their 3D process.


    If they've cracked it, then I'm seriously excited :D

    Let me throw my money into your farrrrrkin face!

    Excuse my language

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