A Besiege Machine For Torture Overkill

A Besiege Machine For Torture Overkill

It’s pretty easy to kill a villager in Besiege. But if everyone stopped at just “easy”, this game wouldn’t be where it is today.

Akssus made this torturous contraption, which makes the most of the game’s new balloons. And of our desire to see the little men burn.

WARNING: The GIF below is over 10MB, so if you’re on a phone, be warned.

A Besiege Machine For Torture Overkill


    Post the video!

    God forbid someone is on a phone with LTE. It would download faster than they could back out of the page. Sounds great but download caps in Aus arent great and 10mb can mean a lot.

    Also GIF’s are very resource heavy.

    • I think it funny the warning about the gift is halfway down the page. My phone had downloaded it by the time I got there, train wireless data cap used :/

      I wish they’d convert to webm, much smaller, higher quality and I can CHOOSE if it plays/downloads

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