A ‘Definitive Edition’ Of Darksiders 2 Coming To PS4

A ‘Definitive Edition’ Of Darksiders 2 Coming To PS4

Briefly: A “Definitive Edition” of Darksiders 2is coming to the PS4, GameSpot has confirmed with publisher Nordic Games. Hooray for more new-gen ports?


  • *Yawn* Another rerelease remastered for PS4 game? This gen is just a joke. Bring out new games and not just rerelease last gen games. So over it.

    • Calm down mate, this is only like the 3rd remastered game. Besides last gen had plenty of them as well.

  • This one is pretty ridiculous. There are plenty of games that would be amazing as ports, but not this one.

  • I didn’t bite on Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, because I had a hunch that a up-port may happen and in deed we are getting that… but at the same time I don’t like how only BL2 is also included in that package, I understand it being the “Handsome” Collection is a nod to Handsome Jack… but it feels incomplete without the original also. I would kinda rather just buy The Pre-Sequel on it’s own if I could.

    This is also how I feel with this announcement, why start with the second game in the series? Prehaps technically it is their only option, and if that is the case, why bother? Sure they are stand alone games, but they are still very much related, but a Darksiders I & II double pack would be insanely more appealing as a product to jump on.

      • They didn’t buy the studio but they did buy the IP. So it could be given to someone else even if the original team aren’t at the helm.

    • Me too. It’s an odd series really. I went into the first game expecting God of War and what I got was one of the best Ocarina of Time clones out there. Then I went into Darksiders II expecting Ocarina of Time and got something more like Legacy of Kain. Loved both games though. Great combination of puzzle platforming stuff and fun combat, and the visual style is awesome too. Both games have their flaws but they’re still excellent and it was really sad that none of the sharks participating in the feeding frenzy over THQ’s corpse were interested in Vigil. Had they remained intact I think Darksiders III would be done by now. It sounded like they had some really awesome plans for it.

      However there’s been some rumblings about it maybe being in the works again. Nordic owns the IP, but no one bought the studio. The bulk of Vigil ended up at Crytek USA, but then that fell apart as well and they’ve formed a separate studio and are working on something. Nordic’s basically said they’re investigating a third Darksiders game and Joe Mad’s been dropping hints he’s working on something related as well. This might well be Nordic testing the market out to see if there’s still any interest in the franchise.

  • Probably seeing how this is received and will base a sequel on that or not. Nordic Games bought it when THQ went under didn’t they? Probably a way to make some money off the IP while they work on a new game

    • They own the IP rights, but the studio itself (Vigil) went down with THQ and a lot of their employees have been scattered to other studios.

  • Because this game *needed* a current gen port huh…

    I’m done with consoles after this generation. I’ve already bought my ps4 and wii-u but this has been embarrassing with the amount of absolutely unnecessary ports. Going back to pc.

    • You’re ditching consoles and sacrificing the vast amount of awesome console only games, because a few developers chose to use a small amount of resources to release remastered versions of older games? Because the market is showing that there is a demand for remasters?

      You won’t be missed sir. Good luck to your no console misery.

      • I’m done with lazy ports years into the life of consoles. I’m done with half arsed efforts when companies should be onto making new games. I don’t accept mediocrity, I’ll take my money elsewhere. If you’re able to accept mediocrity, go for it. Good luck with your mediocrity acceptance, you’re going to need it. Enjoy all these ‘definitive editions’, with their quite ‘non definitive’ ports. I’ll be more than happy to leave them to you.

        Because only a fool accepts mediocrity.

        • More often than not, these ‘definitive editions’, like Tomb Raider on current gen, are still watered down versions of what you can achieve on fairly modest PC’s. I am yet to see a title on either Xbox One or PS4 that makes me feel like I’m missing out by not owning those consoles.

          I wouldn’t mind playing the Last of Us on PS4 with a much steadier frame rate than what I experienced on PS3 (which really put me at odds with how much I enjoyed that game), but I’m not about to go out and spend $500 to experience that. I was even semi-interested in how the Halo Master Chief Collection would turn out … but then I was sorely disappointed when I had seen on Digital Foundry that the framerate on all the iterations were as bouncy as those stupid rubber balls you get out of those coin machines you sometimes see behind the checkout lanes of the more rural focused supermarket chains. The whole console scene, unfortunately, is just becoming less and less desirable for me.

          And this is all coming from someone who owns a PS3, Xbox 360, Gamecube, PS2, Original Xbox, N64, etc. I was really hoping that the hardware in these current gen machines would be a lot more robust; I just don’t think they have what it takes to span a projected decade long life cycle. On one hand it’s a bit of a shame because I always loved the really good quality console exclusives (which are still woefully lacking on this generation), but on the other hand it means I’m simply saving money (even better upgrades for my PC).

  • I don’t understand why people complain about this stuff. Don’t want it? Don’t buy it. Simple as that.

    Just because this game is being released, doesn’t mean that Darksiders 3 ISN’T being worked on. Remastered ports don’t mean that a developer is diverting resources away from a sequel or other game to focus on it. The Tomb Raider devs spent a year with a small team working on the Definitive Edition (which was a large overhaul), but the majority of the studio was working away on RotTR.

    This news is good for those people who missed out on DS2, or who enjoyed it but got rid of their PS3/360, or even those who have only just entered the console gaming world. Why post all this negative bullshit?

    Also, developers don’t just do this shit randomly for no reason, there needs to be a market demand, and the success of previous Remastered Editions has thoroughly proven that the demand is there. So want to blame someone? Blame those who bought ANY of the Remasters this gen.

    I say Yay for gamers. Because at the end of the day, we are the ones who ultimately win here, we get more games available to us. Darksiders 2 was one of the most entertaining and well produced action RPG’s of the last generation, so it’s awesome that more people will get the chance to play it.

    This generation has really proven something about gamers, we are such a negative bunch. It’s truly disappointing.

    If this remaster features any graphical improvements, or gameplay performance improvements, then I’ll pick it up for sure, I loved DS2. If not, then I’ll pass. See how easy that is?

    • If anything, the fact this is getting a current-gen port suggests that Darksiders 3 is being worked on somewhere. Why go to the expense of porting a several-years-old game that sold okay but not amazing to a new platform if the franchise is dead?

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