A Man Playing The Guitar While Doing Karate

A Man Playing The Guitar While Doing Karate

As one does, no? Here is a gentleman showing off two very different skills at the same time.

While the video was uploaded a while ago, it’s once again making the rounds online. The stunt is ridiculous, ill-advised, and totally metal. And how about that finale? *throws up horns*

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  • How is this game related? What is happening to this website. Piss this off to Geekologie or Gizmodo! I know its a slow gaming news week. But this is shit I already see on my facebook feed

    • OMFG dude, don’t you know Kotaku is gaming and Japanese related.?? Everyone knows that all Japanese ppl are taught karate from birth, so the guy in the video is obviously at least partly Japanese (or adjacent, or at least a weeboo).

      Also Kotaku is a ‘blog’, not a news site, so anything goes, even clips that aired on The Soup a week ago.

      Geez dude get with the program!!!

    • oh dude, you must have accidentally delivered pizza to a cryogenics factory and fallen in and woken up in the year 2015.

      let me catch you up:

      We had a female PM but she was kicked out
      You can’t get 3-4 days battery life out of a phone anymore
      3D movies were a thing again
      and Kotaku has had an in real life section since 2008, and have posted non-gaming related in real life stuff since as early as 2010.

      • Well, in his defence, there has been a rise in news not related to games and Kotaku very seldom has ‘bleeding edge’ gaming news/ reviews/ coverage these days. It’s why I now check it once every few weeks instead of every day.

        Not 100% agreeing or disagreeing, but I see where he’s coming from.

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