A Neat New Trailer For The Sims 4's Job-Driven Expansion Pack

Video: A neat new trailer for The Sims 4's job-driven expansion pack shows what it will be like to play as a doctor. So that's how Sim babies are made!


    Sigh. This stuff sounds pretty cool and the graphics are an amazing improvement, but I'm pretty bummed about the reduced lots, features, loading screens, customization restrictions, etc, etc, let alone the need to buy expansion packs which stay the price of full retail games for several years after their release and number in the dozens across the lifespan of the game. Can't they just pull a Microsoft and skip to Sims 5 already, with all the criticisms fixed? :(

    It's about bloody time they did this.

    It felt like I was missing out when my Sim went into his work building, and I just sat around waiting outside.

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