A Video Game About Being A Mother

Becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding, terrifying, motivating things you can do as a human. There aren't too many video games that attempt to replicate that experience, but that's precisely what Shelter 2 is trying to do.

In Shelter 2 you play a pregnant Lynx on the verge of giving birth. Shortly afterwards you give birth to a pack of cubs and it's your duty to support and raise those cubs in the wilderness. It's about survival. It's about protecting others. It's about providing for your cubs. Shelter 2 sounds engaging and — possibly — heartbreaking. As a relatively new father I don't know if my heart can take this video game. I cry at commercials now.

Shelter 2 has a unique art style that just adds to all those feelings you're no doubt going to have. It's minimalistic, but impactful. It comes out in March. I'll be playing.


    So it's the feeling of the dead island trailer in game form? shit

    So it's one big escort mission.

    ...Also saw an ice level in there :P

      Yep, I saw the first one reviewed on Good Game. I'd just get frustrated to shit because it seems really hard not to lose at least one of the young 'uns. I guess it is like those RTS missions where you have a set number of units and have to complete the mission with as many as possible intact.

    Ohhhh that's what this is. I had some art from this saved to my phone from forever ago and could not remember what it belonged to. Just gorgeous.

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