Air France Is Letting Customers Play Video Games For A Business Class Upgrade

It's the proverbial Golden Ticket: the business class upgrade. Ever been lucky enough to get bumped up to business? It's hardly a meritocracy. There's little rhyme or reason that goes into business class upgrades — but now Air France is allowing its customers to compete with one another for that golden ticket: with video games.

If you happen to be flying Air France from Changi Airport in Singapore or Kansai Airport in Osaka you might get the chance to play a mobile/tablet game in a brutal fight to the death for that business class upgrade. Air France is putting up leaderboards at the boarding gate so plebs like us can see how close we are to making it to relatively luxury and a chance at sleeping for more than 20 minutes without that kid behind you kicking your seat. Also: proper cutlery.


It's an attempt by Air France to promote its new business class cabins in Asia. The offer ends February 28. So you have a whole month to book a flight head to the airport and totally destroy people for a comfortable seat on a plane. Have at it!

Via Boarding Area


    1v1 Halo Hang'em High pistols only!!! Bring it!!!

    Goldeneye + Temple + Slappers only = me flying in style

    Unreal Tournament, Instagib Fatboy Low Gravity.... I will be riding in style.

    Also, Dota 2. Any mode, any time, anywhere.

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