Another Dark Souls Speed Record Broken In Spectacular Fashion

Another Dark Souls Speed Record Broken In Spectacular Fashion

This insane human being completed Dark Souls, including every single boss, in a piddling 1:18.41. How do these people do it?

I never tire of watching Dark Souls speed runs. I think it’s because the game is so difficult, therefore watching people just easily destroy the game I struggled with for so long is sort of thrilling. It’s incredible really. This speed run differs from other runs where all bets are off. This is an ‘all bosses’ run, meaning that the player can’t skip any boss fights. At all.

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That just makes it all the more impressive to me. More boss fights means more margin for error. It also means more time spent watching this stream with my jaw agape as bosses drop like flies. It’s really something to behold. It took me hours to beat Quelaag. This guy swipes her a couple of times and she’s toast. It almost seems unfair.

Another note: the order in which the bosses are taken down is also super strange. For example Ornstein and Smough are taken down long before the Capra Demon, which totally goes against what normal players would do. But this is a speed run. Anything goes. That’s what makes the process so fascinating to watch.


  • I used to watch a lot of Dark Souls speedruns and this was the route that was becoming popular when I stopped. Basically, they’re trying to get a rare drop sword from the black knight before the gargoyles. If they get it, they use the moveswap glitch to pretty much wreck everything.

    The order of the bosses is largely done to get the ability to warp between bonfires quickly and then minimise backtracking. There are a handful of skips (pretty much all achieved by doing some rather tricky jumps) that make it possible.

      • If you look for the old crapplemage routes from about two years ago (before they discovered the item dupe glitch), the only notable skip is the Seath skip. For those that don’t know, the Seath skip involves jumping from an elevator onto a ledge so that you don’t have to do the Duke’s Archives nonsense.

        Then again, exploits are a part of speedruns. It’s about pushing the game as far as you can to go as fast as you can.

        • I dont mind skips and shortcuts, just prefer seeing things done without game breaking exploits (in this case the move set switch and the geometry glitch getting to four kings)

        • There are plenty of classes of speedruns that don’t use exploits. I used to be a speedrunner myself, I much prefer watching the exploit-free ones. Exploits are barely distinguishable from cheats, I personally have no regard for exploit runs.

  • Insane. This is insane.

    Thanks for the post, Mark. Keep putting them up and I’ll keep watching them. I’m not usually one for speedruns, but these are hypnotising.

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