Assassin's Creed Unity Finally Drops App, Web Requirements For Unlocks

Assassin's Creed Unity Finally Drops App, Web Requirements For Unlocks

The latest major patch for Assassin's Creed Unity will free players from the need to connect the console or PC game to the game's companion app or Initiates website to unlock some special items in the game.

From a statement on the company's website:

"We will be unlocking all content exclusive to Initiates and the Companion App, including both blue and gold chests. Players can still progress on the Companion App, they just will no longer be required to complete content to unlock in-game chests."

When Unity launched in November, players had needed to connect to the iOS/Android companion app to unlock certain treasure chests that would get them better rewards in the game, including more in-game money and some special outfits for the game's lead character, Arno.

Ubisoft had also locked some chests and outfits behind requirements tied to the franchise's Initiates website.

But the app and the site never worked as well as intended, with players — and this reviewer — regularly having problems getting either to sync correctly with the game.

Since last fall, some players have complained about Ubisoft locking content form its console and PC game from people who didn't want or couldn't even get the Companion App. Not every Xbox, PlayStation or PC gamer has an Android or iOS device, after all.

Assassin's Creed Unity Finally Drops App, Web Requirements For Unlocks

Without using the app or Initiates website, Unity players would find themselves walking through a virtual Paris littered with treasure chests they couldn't open. That problem was somewhat alleviated the day before Christmas, when Ubisoft took the Initiates site down for maintenance and unlocked all the in-game treasure chests tied to that site.

It's not clear how Unity players will now be able to access outfits that had been tied to the App and Initiates, but as soon as we figure that out, I'll update the post.

Ubisoft says the new patch will also fix the "Find Leon" bug in the game's Dead Kings expansion. That bug bedeviled me when I played Dead Kings for review last month.

You can read the full patch notes here.

Picture: Prima Games' AC Unity unlocks page


    Sweet, all Ubisoft has to do now is bring out the Game of the Year (lol!) edition and I'll buy it... when it goes down in price to about AUD40.

    A week after I unlocked everything via app and web. Well it got me to laugh ubi so thank for that :p

      A bit of a kick in the teeth really, I too have unlocked everything in the app and now well feel like I've been jipped

    Launch bugs squashed - check.
    Server issues fixed - check
    DLC and bonus content all done - check
    PC and graphics card optimisation tweaked - check
    Removal of annoyances like companion apps - check

    Well done Ubisoft, it looks like your game is finally out of Beta.
    I'll consider buying soon...I'll just wait for the bundle.

    I am one of those ppl without a Andriod/Ios device

    Now just drop the requirement for winning competitions to get all the weapons and armor and il be happy

    What kind of incompetent monkey thought it would be a good idea to lock content behind a smart phone app? Fire that idiot ASAP.

    Oh yeah, I forgot this game existed. I guess I'll get to it one day. Maybe after they port Rogue to current-gen systems.

      Don't. Just play Rogue and be done with it!

        Probably will, I'm really more interested in the present-day plot than the period settings (to this day I have no idea why people moaned about the Abstergo office stuff in Black Flag!) so I'll see how burned out I am after I finally get around to Rogue. I just can't be arsed buying it on 360 when I hardly use the 360 anymore.

    Glad they finally did this but I have already completed everything. Would have been nice if they had done this sooner when they were having all of those connectivity issues


    *Opens gift: AC: Unity!!!*

    *Opens map, quickly gauges interesting, relevant and available content*


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