Australian eSports Teams Just Had A Hell Of A Weekend

Australians are, as a whole, totally into eSports, but it feels like it's been a while since we've had a real success story, at least in international terms.

You know what they say: you spend ages waiting for a bus and then two come along at once.

Probably the biggest story is this: Australian team Vox Eminor managed to make it through to the main event of ESL One Katowice 2015, having made it through the qualifiers yesterday. It came down to a head-to-head between Vox Eminor and Danish team Dignitas, and Vox Eminor took it out 16-13. The main event takes place March 12-15. It's great to have an Australian team playing Counter-Strike at the absolute highest level. We wish them good luck in the main event. We'll be watching.

And locally, in Sydney, we had the APAC Regional Finals for the Call of Duty Championships. On home soil, Australian teams dominated.

Fan favourites Plantronics.Mindfreak (formerly Team Immunity) took the winner's spot, taking home $6,000 in the process but perhaps more importantly we now have three Australian teams heading to the Global Call of Duty Championships in Los Angeles on March 27-29. Exile5.T1 (formerly Trident T1 Dotters) and Integral Nation will be joining Plantronics.Mindfreak in LA.

"It’s great to see the eSports scene growing in Australia and even better to see how many talented players we have locally," said Mitchell Mader, Team Captain of Plantronics.Mindfreak. "This will be our third trip to Los Angeles for the finals, so while there are slight nerves, we still know what to expect and are really pumped to play on the world stage once again."

Exile5.T1 might be a familiar name to those of you following the competitive COD scene. They took out 5th place last year and $75,000. It'd be awesome to see a similar success story in 2015.

Sounds like March is going to be a big month for Australian competitive gaming. Good luck to all of the teams involved!


    Not to mention we got our own League in LoL. Which in true OCE play style are blood baths :P

    Who needs objectives anyway!?

    Also keep an eye on PiG and iaguz who have both made it into the Starcraft 2 WCS Premier League this season. PiG plays his group games in a couple of days and iaguz next week.

    Good luck guys!

    It just needs to break prime time TV, right?

    Funny what happens when the rest of the world were found to be cheating.

      what, it puts everyone on a level-playing field?

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