Battlefield Hardline As You've Never Heard It Before

When games writer — and newly installed Develop Australia Editor — Joab Gilroy returned from a Battlefield Hardline preview event, he was disappointed to discover that all the footage he'd recorded had no sound. Then a friend made a suggestion. Why not just make the sounds — the footsteps, the shooting, the vehicles, everything — using your own vocal cords?

It's either the best or the worst idea ever.

My favourite part of this video is the complete lack of enthusiasm. That's easily the best thing about it.


    oh man, I wish they would make this an official option in the game. I would even buy DLC for this sound pack

      That's what I miss about oldschool PC game mods sometimes haha. There was some really dumb stuff out there.

    Hahaha a friend of mine did something like this for his game at college, except it was the actual sound effects for the game itself that were recordings of another friend of ours. Dammit I wish I- wait, I remember the name! AHA! FOUND IT!

    More games need to do this.

    That was great.
    I lost it when he used the word chopper as a sound effect, for some reason while flying choppers in games like this I always mutter it quietly in the chat "chopper chopper chopper chopper"

    I was glad this wasn't more paid advertising from EA to try and push this crap onto unsuspecting gamers. It's so painfully obvious this game advances nothing from previous titles and completely removes everything that was once great about the battlefield franchise. Unless you're IGN then BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE IS SOOOOOO AMAZING BUY NOW YES!??$?$$$

      from he alpha they had a while back I have to agree with you that it does nothing to really advance the game, but at the same time I had fun with it. I would have probably liked it more if the game was simply called Hardline because to me this isn't a Battlefield game.

    Sorry but Hardline looks like a complete joke.
    It looks like a very poorly designed mod for BF4.
    It is in the best interests for the playerbase of the franchise and for the company to cancel Hardline ASAP and focus all energy on BFBC3.


    of course, he could have just had a jamming music sound track, but then no one would have noticed this at all.

    Been up for 26 hours.... stumbled across this. Almost pissed my pants, i love you Internet

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