Binding Of Isaac DLC Adds More Everything, Including Co-Op Babies

Binding Of Isaac DLC Adds More Everything, Including Co-Op Babies

The Binding of Isaac already received a major update with The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth last year, but designer Edmund McMillen is moving full speed ahead on a proper expansion. Today, McMillen revealed the add-on, which doesn't yet have a release date, will be called Afterbirth.

McMillen is known for being exceptionally open with his audience, so even though Afterbirth doesn't have a concrete release date, he's hoping it will come out in the "middle" of this year.

Here's what's planned for the expansion so far:

  • - 100+ new items
  • - a full new game mode that will totally change how you play
  • - 10 new challenges
  • - a new playable character
  • - a new alternate final chapter
  • - new alt floors
  • - new game endings
  • - new final bosses
  • - tons of new bosses and enemies
  • - new item pickups, cards, pills, etc.
  • - tons of new achievements and rewards for beating the game on hard
  • - new co-op babies
  • - new transformations
  • - and more… :|

McMillen expects the expansion could add "200-300 hours" to the game, which actually wouldn't surprise me. Hour estimates from game developers are usually total bullshit, but I've spent dozens of hours playing The Binding of Isaac and barely scratched the surface of the game. There really is hundreds (if not thousands) of hours to be mined out of the roguelike.


    Just to correct you, Rebirth wasn't an update. It was a new standalone game.

    Binding of Isaac > Wrath of Lamb

    Binding of Isaac Rebirth > Afterbirth

    What does the embedded video have to do with the new expansion?

      Just looked at the link, it looks like there are also updates coming for Wrath of the Lamb as well. Seems odd to be updating that as the whole point of the remake was to leave the old Flash version behind, but it's really cool that's it's not totally obsolete.

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