Civilization Players Are Sending The Entire World To War

Civilization Players Are Sending The Entire World To War

Get some popcorn ready, because the entire planet is about to throw down. The Civilization fanatics at /r/Civ have hatched a wonderful plan: they’re going to setup then run an enormous planetary showdown, which is going to take place on a huge real-world map that’s big enough to accommodate 42 Civs.


Civilisation Players Are Sending The Entire World To War

And they’re all going to be AI-controlled.

Yes, rather than let actual players duke it out, the organisers have made the smart move to let Civilization itself sort everything out, meaning everyone can just sit back and watch the world burn.

Or unite and trade peacefully and spread happiness and save the environment and…

Nah, it will burn. And not just because Gandhi is involved, but because the game is set to be won by Domination only, which means everyone will be forced to duke it out militarily.

To get to 42 Civs, and have them spread out fairly across the planet, a number of mods will be used that will mean unofficial Civs like Australia will be joining more established ones like Rome. Some other existing Civs have also been modified; Germany becomes Nazi Germany and Russia becomes the USSR.

Some other rules: there are no city-states, it will be played on epic speed and will run on deity AI.

It’s in the final stages of preparation; you can follow along once it kicks off here.


  • Australia (Sydney)
    Melbourne > Sydney. Fact.

    Does it say anywhere when it actually starts? Couldn’t find anything other than ‘soon’ in the reddit thread. Looks cool though, will be keeping an eye on it.

    • I’ve been following this pretty closely, and TPangolin (the organizer of the game) is currently playing it now, and streaming it through steam, so if you wish you can watch it, however, I believe it will appear online sometime soon, in the form of a narrated series of images

    • Not that I want to start a pissing contest, but Perth > Melbourne. This is as factual as the sky is blue, water is wet and can be easily proven on an Etch A Sketch and/or a Spirograph.

    • You’re all wrong….

      Adelaide > Newcastle > ….nah, cant be bothered trying to talk sh*t this morning. Need another coffee before that happens.

      *for the record I do love both Adelaide and Newcastle but dont live there. not sure where I was going with this.

    • Good question! I think with a human player it would be an advantage… they could sit and bide their time in isolation, slowly building their forces in secret, and then pop on March of the Valkyries and proceed to romp from one end of the world to the other once the remaining civs have decimated each other…

      But it’s an AI. Who knows?

    • No, it’s a very good position, because the AI really want to expand for land, and in places like Europe and Asia, there is a lot of early wars due to desire for land, so Australia is probably in a very great spot.

      • Should totally play out like this….

        *NZ and Australia are at war*
        AU: You’re dead sheep shaggers!
        NZ: Bring it you inbred convicts!
        *China has declared war on Australia*
        NZ: Look at this cheeky fulla!
        AU: Let’s smash em!

          • Cue the haka war dance & the possibility that they might use trench warfare tactics like what they did to the brits late 19th century, at least aus can use all their deadly animals in their army, which compared to the kiwis is this ratio: 100:0

          • Moa are easter island & if my info is correct, this island is property of chile, which technically means that incas own easter island in the civilisation games. But the south islands can claim the elemental NUCLEAR powered robots known as toa from bionicle

          • I think he means the giant ass flightless death bird. It was hunted to extinction by the Maori though.
            It’s the perfect example of island gigantism and its shaky stability, quite fascinating.

    • You cant trade tech in Civ V.

      Furthermore, isolated Civs steamroll incredibly well – but cant leave continents very well. So Australia is likely to be one of the last to fall, but wont win.

  • by the 100th turn it will slow down to a crawl. Also hasn’t this been done with Civ 1 or some other 4X game that ran for like 10years before and it was a stalemate between two nations

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