Community Review: The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 received mediocre reviews across the board, and plenty berated it for its length, but I get the impression that some might have enjoyed the game. Am I wrong?

I played it a couple of times before its release and what worried me back then was the core of the shooting. It was clear the game was shooting for that heavy-footed Gears of War style combat, but it never seemed to feel as responsive or instantly rewarding. Gears of War was one of those games that just had it. It had that glorious feeling of being an oversized muscle-man plodding through as oversized world. It was a universe where gravity seemed to push everything down an extra 50%. Such a unique, sticky feeling. Man, I loved Gears of War.

The Order: 1886 just never felt rewarding. It felt sluggish. Which is weird because the slow pace of Gears is what made it fun. The Order: 1886, I guess, just never felt as precise, never did as good a job with its encounters, didn't give them enough variety, or enough space to feel strategic. Our review suggested it was a 'shooting gallery'. I think we need a bit more than that in this day and age.

It's a shame, because Ready at Dawn was my favourite PSP developer back in the day. I was hoping for big things with this game. The look, the universe, it seemed like the team was really on to something.

What are your thoughts?


    It's kind sad, because 1hen I played it at the EB Games expo last year I had fun with it. I need a PS4 first but when I get one, it'll probably be a $30 purchase.

    Okay, I'm no doubt in the minority here but I actually enjoyed The Order: 1886. Yes, it certainly has its downsides from short play length, lack of replayability, dull opening chapters, QTEs, limited gameplay (e.g. shooting baddies and investigating newspapers/photos) & limited environmental interaction. But despite all that I did enjoy the gunplay, the cinematic scope, polished graphics, the alternate Victorian era setting and dark atmosphere, an intriguing story, excellent voice and mo-cap acting, just to name a few.

    Ready at Dawn have set up this game as a franchise. Make no mistake; this is a prequel with more games to follow. But with middling review scores and negative press, it's hard to see a sequel becoming a reality, which is a real shame. The game is artistically uncompromising, possibly to its detriment. If a sequel ever gets made (and I'm hoping it does) Ready at Dawn MUST address the drawbacks of The Order: 1886. It has things going for it but they need to make some compromises.

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