Dead Or Alive 5 Is The Latest Big Game Shipping With Too Many Glitches

Dead Or Alive 5 Is The Latest Big Game Shipping With Too Many Glitches

The official Twitter account for Team Ninja, developers of the recently released Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, is a complete trainwreck right now. In a variety of languages, nearly every tweet is warning players of some bug or glitch currently plaguing the fighting game. Where do we begin?

As reported on Friday, the game's freezing on Xbox One when throwdown challenges are on. This has not yet been fixed, and Team Ninja's own recommendation is to turn off throwdowns.

MadCatz fighting sticks for Xbox One aren't working with the game right now. In a statement to Eurogamer, MadCatz pointed the finger at Team Ninja, but said it was working with them:

"It should be noted that controller compatibility is something that is largely out of our hands and needs to be implemented on the developer side. Now that this issue has been brought to all our collective attention, we will do everything we can on our side to ensure that our FightStick will offer full compatibility with the game. It is our understanding that at this time NO specialty controllers / arcade FightSticks from other manufacturers will work on the Xbox One version of DOA5: Last Round. Please continue to check Mad Catz social media for further updates."

In this case, if you've downloaded a recent title update for Dead or Alive: Last Round on Xbox 360 but haven't installed certain pieces of the game's DLC, your save data can disappear. Yikes.

Anyone playing the German, Italian, French or Spanish versions of the game is incapable of finishing the game's tutorial mode right now. You could try, of course, but the result would be the game crashing and your save data erupting in virtual flames. So maybe hold off for a bit.

Team Ninja does have a temporary solution, though!

Just, you know, play the game in a different language! Voila!

What's featured on Twitter doesn't even include all the problems facing the game on different platforms. The company published a FAQ with known issues that mostly promises patches.

Dead Or Alive 5 Is The Latest Big Game Shipping With Too Many Glitches

I sent an email to Team Ninja this morning to check on the status of these various issues, but have not yet heard back. Hopefully, patches start rolling out pretty soon to improve the game.


    The cert process must be pretty lax these days. When I was developing games you wouldn't even submit something in this state because it was expensive to do and you were guaranteed to fail. The platform holders are at least partly to blame here.

      Yeah. I'm still developing games, and afaik the TRC/TCR is still pretty strict, so I'm really not sure how this kind of stuff has managed to slip through (and is becoming more common too).

    WOW.... I mean there's bugs... and there's outright lazy f***ing disasters. That's not a little thing and that sort of crap should not have made it through QC. Can't finish training so play in another language??? Holy crap lol.

    Freezes consistently on Xbox One? How did THAT make it through.

    Well, this is the world we live in with games now, where giant, mega-budgeted games are treated like Early Access. Slap a hundred dollar pricetag on them, release them buggy as hell, then just 'fix em up' at their own pace somewhere down the track.

      I bought it on Friday, the freezes are so bad pretty much anything to do with online and the game freezes and crashes. Happened to me 4 times in about 2 hours

    So if Developers slapped Early Access on the front of the DVD case, would that make it ok?

    When did Ubisoft buy the rights to this game?

    By the sounds of it you guys have it good haha

    I can't even start up a game of arcade or survival to try unlocking costumes.

    I can however play vs and story. Kinda annoying as ive played through story twice already on original DOA 5 and DOA5U

    I found a pages share link download DOA5 and Mod. Have some nude Mod.

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