Diablo III Player Reaches Level 1000 Without Dying

Diablo III Player Reaches Level 1000 Without Dying

Gaining 1000 Paragon levels in Diablo III is no small feat and it's only accomplished by a very few amount of players. But doing it on Hardcore difficulty, where your character's death is permanent, that's some next level insanity. Russian player Nokieka is the first in the world to do it.

According to Battle.net and Diabloprogress, he is currently level 1002 to be exact, followed by a whole bunch of players far behind in levelling. He made it to level 1000 when Diablo III's season 1 ended last week and all the XP gained with a seasonal character got carried over to an already existing non-seasonal one, buffing things up for everyone who played both.

But those are just formalities, and it also means it must have been a bit harder than levelling only a non-seasonal character. He had to start it over and lower Paragon levels mean lower stats.

Diablo III Player Reaches Level 1000 Without Dying

He mained a Demon Hunter (no surprise there, it's the most popular class) and you can check all his stats, items and skills here. It will probably be a familiar build for veteran players.

Diablo III Player Reaches Level 1000 Without Dying

Here's a shot. It's from the Russian client but you can still see the "1000" clearly.

Diablo III Player Reaches Level 1000 Without Dying


    Considering the amount of EXP exploits that have been found recently, it takes a lot away from this achievement.

      all those exp exploit involve dying or a very high chance of dying. put it this way it was 2 months after ROS went live that someone reach paragon 1000 on softcore and its take alomst a year for it to happen on hardcore

        Season 1 was alomst a year?

    Along time ago (in a galaxy ... no ). Blizzard changed the mechanics behind Hardcore death and you now do not lose your paragon levels when you die..

    so you can be a level 1 character with 1000paragon levels. Did he really never die?

    how does he generate enough hatred to maintain the cluster-bomb damage?

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