Donkey Kong Country Back On Wii U After Mysterious Two-Year Absence

Donkey Kong Country Back On Wii U After Mysterious Two-Year Absence

In November of 2012, Nintendo pulled the Donkey Kong Country trilogy from the Wii's Virtual Console. They gave no explanation, as is the Nintendo Way. And today, nearly two and a half years later, Nintendo announced that all three games are coming back, this time for the Wii U.

We still don't know why the set of classic platformers went MIA for so long. Some have theorised that the disappearance involves a dispute with Rare, the studio that developed all three SNES Donkey Kong Country games, which is now owned by Microsoft. They're wonderful games, though, so it's nice to see them back and playable on a modern system.


    Umm. Seriously? I've had Donkey Kong Country on my Wii U for ages now. It's been available for months.

      Repost of a US article which has no bearing on anyone else.

      That it only affects the US market also throws a spanner in the works for the "theory" of a licensing dispute. But you know, facts and what not, journalism something something.

        Yeah I was thinking something similar. How is it news if it's not new info y'know?

        Not great research there.

    Yeah I downloaded it a couple of months back. It was also only $13AUD too

    Stop reposting US articles. But if you must do your research before reposting them here and get it right for our market.

    Last edited 27/02/15 10:36 am

    Why do you banks always get the short end of the stick with the virtual console? We had DKC {~(alongside Super Mario Bros 3 and others) f8r months before you guys get them. On the other hand, there are some indie games I wouldn't mind playing, but we don't get those.

    As the other commenters have noted, DKC has been available on the AU Wii-U for some time. I must admit I haven't checked to see if the other two games in the trilogy are also available (or whether they always have been)...

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