Doom Mod Replaces Every Sound With A Guy's Voice

Doom Mod Replaces Every Sound with a Guy's Voice

It's the perfect way to turn an otherwise grim, brutal game about slaughtering demons goofy as hell.

Submitted by user mallo to Doomworld last week, the "Greatest sound wad ever" replaces each in-game sound effect with mallo's, well, own sound effects. Here's some in-game footage, recorded by Rock Paper Shotgun, to show you what it's like:

Great stuff. If you want more, you can grab the mod from here, and maybe check out the similar mod Half-Life 2 got a few years back.

Picture: Softpedia


    A friend and I once edited the .pak file for MOH: Allied Assault so that the Thompson machine gun sounds was replaced by a dog barking, and then we found the sound of the soldiers uniform rustling and added in subtle, whiny farts that played every 20 - 30 seconds. Also had this track playing over the intro cinematic (the beach landing).

    My very first exposure to Doom was on a demo disc. One of those, "100 games for Windows 95!" CDs that came bundled with shiny new 486s.

    Some wise-ass had added a mod to the game which replaced most of the sounds with a similar sound plus ripped sound-bites from movies. (Eg: Instead of grunting and growling, the pink demons would stalk about saying, "Dickdickdickdickdickdickdickdick DICK." It was terrifying. Killing one with a shotgun would have it dissolve into blood while yelling, "Talk to me like that in front of my son? Fuck you AND your family!") It wasn't until I saw The Untouchables that I realized where half the quotes came from, and even later than that, years later, the first time I played a copy on someone else's machine that WASN'T modded. My mind was blown.

    I remember trying to do this with Duke 3D way back in the day but the sound effects always ended up super quiet due to a poor microphone so I never finished it.

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