Dying Light Gets Its First Batch Of DLC Today

Briefly: The surprisingly excellent zombie game Dying Lightgot its first batch of DLC today, Techland said in a surprise announcement. It's called "Cuisine & Cargo", and adds two additional "hardcore zones" (buildings) to explore in the game's world. There are two more bits of DLC coming out in March and May respectively.


    I wish I didn't have to wait til late this month to play this game :(

    It's worth mentioning that as a make up for the game being delayed in Australia you will get the DLC if you preorder the game. Though I am sure you will be able to get the DLC if you buy the game when it hits us next week.

    Nice timing along with the future of DLC article being posted at the same time

    Dont bother with this DLC, it's very minimal at best. Not free either. I love Dying Light and the "Be the zombie" DLC (which is free), but the other DLC is the usual minimalist crap.

    I got the US version (digital) to save money. Do the same but dont buy this DLC.

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