Dying Light Is Getting Community Feedback For Official Mod Tools

Dying Light Is Getting Community Feedback For Official Mod Tools

It didn’t get much coverage here, but Dying Light developer Techland recently put a foot wrong with players by blocking the use of modified files with a recent patch. While this stopped cheats, it also killed a number of performance and visual tweaks. A hotfix rectified the issue, but it seems Techland wants to go even further: it’s now taking requests for modding tools from the community.

I was rather confused by the aforementioned patch that prevented mods, seeing as Techland never had an issue with the “Helper” series of tools I put together for Dead Island and Riptide. I wasn’t surprised when it clarified that tweaks were an unintentional causality of the change, but even so, it’s odd it happened in the first place.

The positive — and it’s a big one — to come out of this is that Techland is making up for the lack of help it gave modders with previous titles. If you want to get involved, the forum where it’s all happening can be found here, otherwise, here’s the developer’s statement:

The release of Dying Light has already been met an amazing positive response from gamers around the globe. In their excitement, many PC players have already been creating mods that alter and revamp the game. At Techland, we want to see more! As a sandbox game, Dying Light is a perfect material for modding. This is why we are currently working on free and extensive modding tools for the game. And we want players to tell what they would like to see.

We’re inviting all Dying Light players to visit our official discussion board and share their mod ideas – no matter how crazy – with us here.
Modders were a massive part of our gaming community since Call of Juarez 2 and Dead Island — and we wish to continue that with Dying Light. This invitation is only the first stage of our cooperation with the gaming community. After the modding tools are released, we plan to actively support the coolest mods created by players.

We want to give creative freedom to the players to help keep Dying Light fresh and interesting even many years after their release. We want to thank players for the support they have shown us and are looking forward to their ideas where Dying Light can go from here.

So that’s both a suite of tools and ideas for actual mods, which means would-be creators and regular players are being encouraged equally to share their thoughts. Seems like the right way to go about things.

Techland Invites Gamers to Help Create Modding Tools for Dying Light [Gamasutra]


  • Sounds great, nice to see them getting behind the idea of modding after the giant shitstorm of misunderstanding, banning mods etc 🙂

    • Why? GTA4’s been incredibly supportive of modding, I’d expect GTA5 to be pretty similarly supportive.

      • GTA 4 was made to support mods by modders, it definitely didn’t have mod support.
        R* has always had a love hate relationship with mods while PC gamers love their mods and don’t react well when steps are taken to stunt their efforts or freedoms.
        R* have been fairly quiet on the subject of mods in the lead up to the PC release, but if they choose to fight against modding it will upset many.
        (A losing fight obviously, but one that will anger many none the less)

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